Windows Phone 8 mobile OS unveiled by Microsoft

On 20th June Microsoft unveils the next major version release for its Windows Mobile OS in the form of Windows Mobile 8. Windows Mobile 8 in terms of coding is very similar to upcoming PC OS Windows 8 and because of this Microsoft believes that the applications and games database for Windows Mobile OS will increase substantially in near future.

The new Windows Mobile 8 based smartphones will be launched by different manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei.

The new features in this version of Windows Mobile OS are listed below:

  1. Shared code between the PC and Mobile OS will result in the easy development of games and apps for the new Mobile OS.
  2. For the first time Windows Mobile OS will be able to harness the power of the multi cores CPUs. Till now there are many quad core and dual core based Android smartphones available in the market but not even a single multi core Windows based phone. May be because of the absence of this feature Microsoft’s mobile OS remains in the dark. Multiple cores can be turned off when not in need in the new Windows Mobile OS.
  3. New map application from Nokia
  4. Warning for the potentially harmful websites embedded within the core of the system.
  5. Support for HD screen or display
  6. Micro SD card support
  7. User can now customize the home screen as according to their choices.
  8. Support for NFC chips and a new app named “Wallet” will turn your smartphone into a credit card or can be used for NFC based payments.
  9. Skype can now receive calls via VOIP even when your are accessing some other application.
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