Where can I purchase Nvidia RTX 2080 TI for 999 US Dollar?

Well this is the same question we have been asking since the launch of the RTX 2080 TI at Gamescom in Germany. The Nvidia CEO has clearly mentioned in the slides during the launch that the MSRP for 2080 TI will be 999 US dollars. But when I visited their official US website the price is no where near 999 US dollars. Instead it was 1,199 US dollars which is 199 US dollars higher than MSRP. I know Founders Edition cards are normally priced higher than the MSRP. So who will actually follow the MSRP. AIB’s of course would be your first thought but unfortunately none of the AIB version are priced at MSRP.

Then there comes a rumor that Asus is going to release RTX 2080 TI Turbo version which is currently the only ‘Blower’ based 2080 TI available right now to be priced at MSRP. I could not confirm this particular price from a US based e-tailer like Newegg as this item was out of stock on most of them. Then I was just browsing the Indian based computer component e-tailers such as MD Computer and Prime ABGB and found out that the Asus Turbo version for 2080 TI is priced at super massive 1,25,080 Indian rupees. I was never expecting this kind of pricing for a blower based card. This amount is translated to approximately massive 1,791 US dollars. So where is the 999 US dollar price Nvidia. I guess none of your AIB partners are going to price their cards at MSP and it seems to be just a redundant value.