Want to own Apple Watch Series 3: Get it on 11th of May in India

IMHO among all the smart watches available in India, Apple Watch series is the only one that actually gives you a complete package with high quality components. But as usual quality comes at cost. But if you are an Apple fan then be ready for purchasing the all new Apple Watch Series 3 which will be available for sale in India starting from 11th May, 2018.

Apple watch series 3 is quite a bit different from its predecessors. Some of the salient features of this new smart watch are listed below:

  • Apple Watch Series 3 is a cellular watch which simply means that it doesn’t need your smartphone to be around to access the internet. It will come with inbuilt support for LTE networks which are essentially 4G only.
  • It also utilizes a technology called as eSIM. Because of this feature one doesn’t need physical SIM to get services from your network provider.
  • Series 3 watch comes in 2 sizes which is 38mm and 42mm.
  • There are multiple band options available for Series 3 watch like Nike and Ceramic.
  • Pricing for the base model is 38mm – 39,000 and 42mm – 41,000s