Upcoming PS3 games that you should buy

Assassins Creed 3


The upcoming sequel to the extremely popular 1st and 2nd Assassins Creed. It will be based on American Revolution.

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Sleeping Dogs

sleeping dogs

Based on a criminal organization operating from Hong Kong.

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Borderlands 2

borderlands 2

The next sequel to much poplar Borderlands game.

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Far Cry 3

far cry 3

Do i need to explanation for previous games from this series. I don’t think so. Far Cry is now back in the green.

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Darksiders 2

darksiders 2

Based on the four riders who are on mission to reinstate the lost glory of the man kind.

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This is most expensive of the all listed above. Based on the story of the infamous assassin who once was the bodyguard of an empress.

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