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Apple to launch a smaller and cheaper version of iPad

There is no doubt in accepting the fact that Apple is facing stiff competition from Android in the tablet market. Now after the announcement of new 199 $ Nexus tablet from Google last week is the latest threat to supremacy of Apple iPad. Apple iPad is the most popular tablet till date. In spite of its high price and the availability of large variety of low priced Android tablets cannot decrease the popularity of iPad. Continue reading

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Sony is going to enter into tablet computer market

Yes it is true. Sony had recently announced their plans regarding the launch of their first two tablet computers codenamed S1 and S2. Tech and gadget geeks are taking this as a challenge by Sony to Apple. Apple had recently launched the 2nd generation iPad 2. iPad 2 like iPad breaks all record and become extremely popular among Americans. Continue reading

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Should i buy Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab in India?

As far as India is concerned these tablets till now is a big failure and main reason behind this is their price and the attitude of Indians towards Windows enabled gadgets! Yes you are thinking right i am referring to all those feature rich net books available today at much lower prices than these tablets. Continue reading

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Camera powered tablet by Samsung to compete with Apple iPad

Tablets represent a potential new source of revenue for Samsung, which is making up for lost ground in the intensely competitive smartphone business. Continue reading

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