Beware of Cookiejacking: Internet Explorer’s new problem

With the rise of Facebook and Twitter the problem of Cookiejacking is also rising.

So the question is

What is Cookiejacking?

Answer: Cookiejacking basically refers to the hacking or stealing of the user’s cookie from their browser particular Internet Explorer(all versions) which is basically responsible for signing in into the facebook or twitter platform.

Which versions are effected?

Answers: According to research all versions of IE are effected.

Is it so easy to still a cookie?

Answer: In one word answer is NO. To steal user’s cookie from their browser, the hacker must persuade users to interact with some sort of application built for this particular purpose. The application can be common facebook apps like games etc.This sounds difficult. Isn’t it?

What is Microsoft’s response to this problem?

Answer: According to Microsoft this is not a high level risk as without persuasion it is nearly impossible for the hacker to steal cookies from one’s browser.

What can you do to save yourself from Cookiejacking?

Answer: Never ever visit suspicious websites and never allow your facebook account access to potentially unsafe application.