Sony PS4 is finally here: Everything you need to know about this all new and powerful gaming console

Sony PS4 was under the cover of mystery from past few months. Every day some new aspect or feature of this gaming console pops out into world wild web. But Sony today, has finally reveals the successor to their already popular gaming console that is PS3. In the same manner as PS3, the new gaming console will also be named PSX. Well now replace that X with 4 as it is the 4th generation gaming console from Sony.

So you would be thinking that what will be the awesome features that this new gaming console is packed with. It is definitely a huge improvement as compared to PS3 in terms of Hardware department.

Some of the “Under the hood” changes in PS4 are detailed in the below paragraph.

The heart of the all new Sony PS4 that is its CPU is upgraded to 8 cores as compared to 4 core CPU in PS3 and 3 core CPU found in both XBOX 360 and WII U. This is definitely a big jump in processing power. Now let us come to the graphic department that is GPU. The processing power of the GPU in PS4  is upgraded to massive 1.84 Tera FLOPS which is significantly a large value as compared to 0.24 Tera FLOPS of XBOX 360 and 0.352 Tera FLOPS of WII U.

As far RAM is concerned, PS4 comes packed with 8GB of DDR5 memory which blows away both XBOX 360 (512 MB DDR3) and Wii U(2 GB DDR3). Other hardware improvements includes USB 3.0 ports and 1 Gigabit Ethernet.

Some of the game titles which are confirmed for this new gaming console are listed below:

  1. Diablo 3
  2. Deep Down
  3. Killzone –  Shadow Fall
  4. Drive Club
  5. Destiny
  6. The Witness
  7. Knack
  8. Infamous – Second Son
  9. Watch Dogs

Now let us come to the most interesting part of this new console that is its all new Gamepad also known as PS4 Controller or DualShock 4. Some of the improvements in DualShock 4 are listed below:

  • The all new DualShock 4 has got a touchpad with Multi Touch capability of up to two points.
  • It has also got a speaker!
  • It has also got a 3.5mm Head Phone jack which will be used to plug in the headset that will come bundled with a new PS4.
  • There is also a rumor that some of the Sony PS Move functionality will be embedded into this PS4 controller but it is not confirmed yet.
  • There is also a illumination light which will act as a feedback of player health during gaming.

There is still no confirmation on when the console will be available for purchase in the retail market and what will be its price. There is a rumor that Sony will launch PS4 near the Fall of 2013. Of course we know that it will be priced ridiculously high in the start. For example Sony PS3 was priced at massive Rs. 34,000+ during it first time launch in India.


Picture of the all new Sony PS4 controller:

sony ps4 controller dualshock 4

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