Samsung will soon launch the all new Galaxy Note 3 Lite

Samsung is known for manufacturing smartphones in different price categories. From ultra high end smartphones like Galaxy Note 3 to feature phones such as Guru series, Samsung offers them all. In continuation of this strategy, Samsung is soon going to launch the cheaper version of Galaxy Note 3.

The new version will be named Galaxy Note 3 Lite and will have some common and some different features. The major difference will be of RAM. In Galaxy Note 3 Lite RAM will be 2 GB that is 1 GB less than Note 3. Some of the specs of this upcoming smartphones are listed below. These first appear on SamMobile:

1. Screen size is 5.5 inches.

2. Resolution is 720p that is HD.

3. RAM is 2GB

4. CPU is Exynos architecture based HexaCore CPU with all cores active

5. 8 MP camera with 2.1 MP camera for video chat

Speculated images of the device are pasted below: