Playstation network attack continues

Sony is already going through the problem of the Cyber attack on their PlayStation Network recently which had lead to the hacking of more than 77 million accounts and now Sony again reports the hacking of 25 million accounts.

In the latest breach 23,400 records containing credit card numbers, expiration dates and debit card numbers from an outdated 2007 database may have been stolen. These record didn’t contain the CVV code of the cards and also it is confirmed that these record belong to NON-US customer mainly from Austria, Netherlands and Germany.

Sony is also reported to temporarily shut down its free service which is available on Facebook and Play Station 3.

In order to gain back the customers confidence, Sony will offer free downloads and free extension of 30 days to the subscription of PlayStation Network members.

Though the users passwords are not protected by encryption but instead they are protected by something known as hash which will make it difficult for someone to read the password as a plain text.

Sony has promised to beef up the security of their servers from now onwards.