Hostgator luring new customers through their fake advertisement of reseller plans

Hostgator.COM the so called giant of the hosting industry is now indulged in new tricks to make more money. They are advertising a very good but fake reseller plan on Google Adwords network. When i had first witnessed this advertisement, i actually got amazed because i always think that hostgator is one such hosting company that is bit pricier than most of the other hosting companies for same plans but that advertisement really changed my mind and i became really interested in getting one of that advertised plan.

The plan is a reseller hosting plan offering 6000 GB bandwidth and 600 GB space with unlimited accounts.

But on their site presently the most premium reseller plan offer you 200 GB space and 1400 GB bandwidth that too for massive 100$

I had actually never used hostgator but had heard lot of good about them but from now onwards i will hardly have any believe in them (Cheat Gator)

Comparing some of the most popular domain registrars

In this short and simple review i am going to compare some of the most popular domain registrars among masses. Here in this review we are taking the domain extension as .COM. These are as follows:



First of all i am starting with Godaddy, the most popular domain registrar. The main reason for this popularity of Godaddy is the coupon system which actually provides discount to the customer during the process of the purchasing the domain. But customers never keep this thing in mind that those coupons can be used only for first purchase, not for renewals. People think that they can also renew the domain at same price but that’s wrong. It’s just a very clever trick  played by Godaddy to cheat customers. Now one question must be coming in all of your minds is that if they are cheating thier customers openly than why still Godaddy is one of the largest registrars. I will answer this question in this way that at the end of term of the domain suppose  a customer becomes aware of the fact they are being cheated by Godaddy  than also they will find transfering a domain from one registrar to other a headache and forcefully decided to shed some extra cents at  Godaddy.

Now the main question is what about the real pricing of a domain purchased from

A .COM from Godaddy costs 11.99$+18 cents which is costing about 12.17$ without coupons. If you are lucky than you may get a discount coupon available to be used at Godaddy. Most of the users these days also want private registration (means to hide the information present in the whois) and Godaddy charges a premium amount for this service also i.e. around 2$ making the effective cost of 14.17$for a single .COM.

I will not write essay like i did for Godaddy.

A .COM from costs around 9.99$ + 2$for private registrations making a total of 11.99$