New Microsoft Office 2011 announced for Apple MAC

At a product launch event in New York Monday, Microsoft gave the media a day-early peek at Mac Office 2011, which went on sale at retail outlets and via Microsoft this morning. Eric Wilfrid, general manager of Microsoft’s Mac business unit, explains how Mac Office 2011 is faster than previous versions, not only in startup, but in the execution of key tasks.

Among the key differences in the new Mac Office over old versions is the appearance for the first time of a Mac version of Outlook, which takes the place of Entourage, which a Microsoft representative said was simply not meeting the needs of users. Also included in Mac Office 2011 are new versions of Word, Excel and Power Point and a new user interface based on the ribbon menu interface first featured in the 2007 edition of Office for Windows.

While the new suite does offer a raft of new Web-enabled features like Office 2010 for Windows, it’s not a clone of its Windows sibling and offers some features that have yet to turn up on the Windows side. For example, in the new Mac Outlook, you can clean up the view of your calendar by assigning categories to appointments and then filtering the view of the calendar by category. For example, by un checking the box for the “Personal” category, all such appointments will temporarily disappear from your calendar.

Office 2011 comes in three different versions: Home and Student and costs $120 (or $150 for a family pack with three licenses). The base package doesn’t include Outlook, which is only available with the Home and Business edition, which retails for $200 (with a “multi-pack” of two licenses available for $280), or with the Academic edition, which costs $100.

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WTF google still not scanning our site properly

Even after months of providing original and genuine content Google still don’t scan our site properly. May be this is because of lack of back links. If it is so than i really want to advise website owners that please increase your back links otherwise you will definitely penalized by Google. This is just one single point which is very crucial for website growth.

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Want to start a website but don’t know about scripts than read this

Starting a website these days is very easy as there are loads of scripts available for all types of websites. You simply need a host. It can be either windows based or linux based depending on the script you want to use.

In this article basically i want all of you to warn about the unknown and nulled scripts available on warez forums.

First all i want to tell you about trusted scripts which you can use without giving any second thought to their security issues.

  • Joomla: Joomla is one of the most trusted PHP content management system available till now.
  • WordPress: Everybody knows about this blog script which is also the most popular blog script in the world.
  • Drupal: Drupal is another content management system which you can be used in place of Joomla but still Joomla is No. 1 and also Drupal is somewhat complex to understand.
  • PHPBB3: One of the most popular free forum board software.
  • SMF: Another free forum board software.

We can trust all those scripts mentioned in the fantastico installer. Check it here

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Marvellous closing ceremony of Common Wealth Games 2010

A dazzling laser show and a musical extravaganza on marked the finale of the Commonwealth Games, the biggest sporting event hosted by India which crowned itself with sporting glory by winning an unprecedented 101 medals.

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India should not be the part of Common Wealth Nations

India was tortured by British Empire for 200 long years, draining their entire wealth, resources and manpower and now they are feeling proud on becoming their slaves by joining this crap organizations of Common Wealth Of Nations. Are they completely fool? They should immediately withdraw  from this and become a nation which is proud to become independent from this tyrant nation. Even i think every country should withdrew from this.

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