SONY XPERIA X8 Android 2.1 update released

Through this post i want to inform all Xperia X8 users that much awaited Xperia X8 update has been released. Step by step guide to update:

  1. First of all connect your phone to your PC with Internet connectivity available.
  2. You will be prompted to install Sony PC companion software. After installing PC companion, it will ask you to update PC companion to the latest version.
  3. After updating PC companion will open a new window informing that a new Phone Update is there.
  4. Just click install and follow the next step as mentioned on the screen.

Installation will definitely take some time even on high speed connections!

After updating you will be able to use the Blue tooth feature of your phone.

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Do HDFC Netsafe credit card or Virtual Credit Card accept refunds or not?

HDFC Netsafe facility really provide boon to all of us in many situations such as in which we want to make a secure transaction online or in case we don’t have credit card. But in some situation their can occur a problem in which merchant is obliged to refund your entire paid amount because of some defect in the product or due to poor service or whatever might be the situation. But in case we had made that particular purchase from HDFC Netsafe card than we will always be in worry that whether we will be able to get refund or not because Netsafe card is one time use only card and after that it get expired. Than answer to this question is YES.

Recently i had tried to purchase a deleting domain from some registrar but they were unable to secure it  🙁   so they refund the entire paid amount to my Netsafe card. I am also in the state of worry like all those who had faced this situation. I contacted the bank but they are unable to answer my query so i decided to wait and after 30 days from that purchase i received my full amount minus some of the currency conversion charges. So i can confirm that refund is possible in HDFC Netsafe service.

Source->My Experience

Author:-> Winray on behalf of Vikas Sinha

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Another proof of fake advertisement by Hostgator

Here we got another snapshot from one of of our editor showing Hostgator providing free web hosting services. This add is also served on Google Ad-words network

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Hostgator luring new customers through their fake advertisement of reseller plans

Hostgator.COM the so called giant of the hosting industry is now indulged in new tricks to make more money. They are advertising a very good but fake reseller plan on Google Adwords network. When i had first witnessed this advertisement, i actually got amazed because i always think that hostgator is one such hosting company that is bit pricier than most of the other hosting companies for same plans but that advertisement really changed my mind and i became really interested in getting one of that advertised plan.

The plan is a reseller hosting plan offering 6000 GB bandwidth and 600 GB space with unlimited accounts.

But on their site presently the most premium reseller plan offer you 200 GB space and 1400 GB bandwidth that too for massive 100$

I had actually never used hostgator but had heard lot of good about them but from now onwards i will hardly have any believe in them (Cheat Gator)

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How to optimize ping for your online gaming?

This tutorial is for Vista.

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