SSHFS not getting installed while creating Windows template for Kimsufi

If you are also facing this particular issue while installing SSHFS in the Ubuntu Live terminal while you are in the process of creating a template for your Kimsufi server then please follow the below steps.

1. Please copy these entries into your /etc/apt/sources.list. You can do so by using some editor like nano. Type this command into the terminal “nano  /etc/apt/sources.list”

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Legacy official ARK servers will not be wiped on the official launch of the game

As per the latest development it was confirmed by the sources from Wildcard Studios that they will now be wiping the Legacy Official Ark servers. According to them they will be launching new clusters of ARK servers for the new players. As you all know there is the case rampant duping of items and dinos on the legacy Ark servers by the so called Alpha or Mega tribes. The duping problem was so much of a concern to the community as it leads to unfair competitive PVP and creates the problem of griefing new or small tribes.

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How To resolve VPN or PPPOE Error 720 in Windows OS ?

The error code 720 which occurs usually while establishing a connection to remote server using PPP. this problem can appear out of the blue for no reason in Windows OS but most probable cause is the some internal TCP/IP stack issue which can be caused due to corrupted WAN miniports.

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AMD looking to make a comeback in CPU market with the launch of Ryzen


You can definitely think this moment as the same one which we have all felt when the AMD have announced their Bulldozer series of processors. We were all thinking that AMD Bulldozer series CPU will simply destroy Intel’s mightiest i7 series. But after the actual launch of the Bulldozer series, all the speculations like the so called high performance and competing with Intel were proven to be false and hype only.

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Qualcomm working on a 48 Core Server processor using 10 nm fabrication

Wait server processor? From Qualcomm? Yes sir it is true. Now we have an all new competitor to the Intel’s dominance in the server processor market. The new Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor will support up to 48 cores and will be crafted using Samsung’s 10 nm fabrication technology.

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