Please end this Facebook hype

Some of the contributors to the internet includes Google,Yahoo and Microsoft. They had contributed a lot to the development of Internet. Recently i had read that Goldman is going to invest in facebook and valuate it at 50 billion$. Truly speaking what facebook offers is already present in the internet world before the invent of facebook also.They just combined it into one site and created all that hype.I will agree with this fact that twitter really introduced something new but facebook nothing.Please don’t get offended as this is only my opinion.

New Intex phone claiming to have video conferencing feature without 3g

I had just watched the advertisement of this phone on TV and it claims to provide live video chat feature without 3G.The model number is INTEX IN 4407N

After doing some more research both offline and online, i had found that they use 2G or present GPRS network for communication and this phone comes with a pre-loaded application which allows you to chat without 3G i.e with the help of 2G

You must  be thinking how 2G can support live video chat without 3g.Even i am astonished of this feature but definetly this will be not so efficient way to have video chat.

In actual demo we have noticed that video quality is not good at all and there’s a lot of connection breakage in between the call due to low bandwidth.

This phone comes with a price tag of INR 2850


  1. Audio Player-Available
  2. Video Player-Available
  3. Video Recorder-Available
  4. FM Radio-Available
  5. Memory-Expandable up to 8GB
  6. Front Camera-VGA
  7. Main Camera-1.3 Mega Pixel
  8. Bluetooth-Available (A2DP)
  9. Internet-WAP connectivity available
  10. Security-Mobile Tracker and contact blacklisting available
  11. Languages-5 Language support(English,Hindi,Bangla,Arabic and French)
  12. Battery-2000 mAh(Claimed to have much longer talk time)
  13. DUAL SIM Option-Available

NOTE:Although it is decent phone at a quite decent price but this phone didn’t have capability to install various third party application,software’s and themes.

Some of the Godaddy promo and coupon codes that work on renewals also

Hello all of you

I had just found some of the coupon and promo codes that you can use for renewals also on Godaddy

Domain Registration Only:-

  1. FAN3—–>35% off on .COM domains
  2. FAN749–>50% off on .ORG domains
  3. YUP749–>7.49$ .NET domains
  4. FED749–>7.49$ .BIZ domains

Codes that work on entire order:-

  1. PETS1—–>10% off on entire order
  2. MIN15—->15% off on entire order
  3. PAN2——>5$ off on the order of 30$ or more
  4. MINOFF—>10$ off on the order of 40$ and more

Hosting Coupons:-

  1. FAN20—–>20% off on hosting plans of 1yr or more

These codes are provided to me by my friend. So i can’t take any guarantee that they will work but yea you can at least try them and let us know if they work or not.

How to play ISO image file without burning it on a disk?

We can play the content of the ISO image file without going through the process of burning by simply mounting the image on a virtual drive.

For this particular there are many software’s available in the market.Some of the most popular are listed below.

  • Magic ISO (Virtual Drive)   ->    Free
  • Ultra ISO    ->    Shareware
  • Daemon Tools    ->    Free

My favorite for this particular purpose is Magic ISO virtual drive.You can download it here

Steps For Mounting The Image File Using Magic ISO

  • Right click Magic Disc tray icon

  • Select “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM”

  • Select one of virtual CD/DVD drivers. (for examples: K: No Media)
  • Click “Mount”

  • Browse and select the CD/DVD image you wish to mount.
  • Click “Ok”

Steps For Dismounting The Image File Using Magic ISO

  • Right click Magic Disc tray icon

  • Select “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM”

  • Select one of virtual CD/DVD drivers. (for examples: K: No Media)
  • Click “Unmount”