At last yahoo unbanned me!

As i had already mentioned in one of my previous posts that our site is under ban hammer from Google and yahoo because i had purchased domain through SEDO and it was banned for certain activities. After months of waiting at last yahoo and Google unbanned ub7 đŸ™‚

IPv4 addresses will soon be a history

The total number of IPv4 addresses possible are 4228250625 and if the reports are to be believed than this stock will be getting finished very soon.

According to Axel Pawlik who is presently the managing director of RIPE (responsible for distributing IPv4 addresses in Europe) believes that IPv4 stock will be finished by September, 2011. He had also said that most of requests for IP’s are generating in ASIA and US. The only solution according to him is the upcoming Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

Gear up for all new Sony PSP2

As per IST Sony PSP2 is rumored to be launched on this Thursday. Just few hours more and we will witness the all new Sony PSP2. The most strange thing is that Sony hadn’t officially announced the new PSP2 till now but many handheld game developers admitted that they have seen the new PSP2 in action.

There also exist confusion among many geeks that PSP2 and Sony PlayStation Phone is one and the same thing. But the truth that they are both different.

Some rumours abit the all new PSP2 are listed below:

  • As far as voice calls are concerned the PSP2 will be no different from it’s old brothers i.e it will not support voice calls but is expected to support Skype communication.
  • 3G support will be available.
  • Brand new OLED screen
  • Dual Analog sticks
  • Will include a rear touchpad.
  • A larger display
  • Games will playable without UMD as in PSP GO
  • Expected to have 1 GB RAM
  • And a graphic processor which is equal to Playstation 3 in power!

Some question like Whether PSP2 will be backward compatible with older games? will remained un answered until it is official launched.

Expected price for this one is 299$ (if we believe in all the rumors) and is going to face stiff competition from Nintendo 3DS which will be launched on 27th March 2010.

Please end this Facebook hype

Some of the contributors to the internet includes Google,Yahoo and Microsoft. They had contributed a lot to the development of Internet. Recently i had read that Goldman is going to invest in facebook and valuate it at 50 billion$. Truly speaking what facebook offers is already present in the internet world before the invent of facebook also.They just combined it into one site and created all that hype.I will agree with this fact that twitter really introduced something new but facebook nothing.Please don’t get offended as this is only my opinion.

New Intex phone claiming to have video conferencing feature without 3g

I had just watched the advertisement of this phone on TV and it claims to provide live video chat feature without 3G.The model number is INTEX IN 4407N

After doing some more research both offline and online, i had found that they use 2G or present GPRS network for communication and this phone comes with a pre-loaded application which allows you to chat without 3G i.e with the help of 2G

You must  be thinking how 2G can support live video chat without 3g.Even i am astonished of this feature but definetly this will be not so efficient way to have video chat.

In actual demo we have noticed that video quality is not good at all and there’s a lot of connection breakage in between the call due to low bandwidth.

This phone comes with a price tag of INR 2850


  1. Audio Player-Available
  2. Video Player-Available
  3. Video Recorder-Available
  4. FM Radio-Available
  5. Memory-Expandable up to 8GB
  6. Front Camera-VGA
  7. Main Camera-1.3 Mega Pixel
  8. Bluetooth-Available (A2DP)
  9. Internet-WAP connectivity available
  10. Security-Mobile Tracker and contact blacklisting available
  11. Languages-5 Language support(English,Hindi,Bangla,Arabic and French)
  12. Battery-2000 mAh(Claimed to have much longer talk time)
  13. DUAL SIM Option-Available

NOTE:Although it is decent phone at a quite decent price but this phone didn’t have capability to install various third party application,software’s and themes.