Playstation network attack continues

Sony is already going through the problem of the Cyber attack on their PlayStation Network recently which had lead to the hacking of more than 77 million accounts and now Sony again reports the hacking of 25 million accounts.

In the latest breach 23,400 records containing credit card numbers, expiration dates and debit card numbers from an outdated 2007 database may have been stolen. These record didn’t contain the CVV code of the cards and also it is confirmed that these record belong to NON-US customer mainly from Austria, Netherlands and Germany.

Sony is also reported to temporarily shut down its free service which is available on Facebook and Play Station 3.

In order to gain back the customers confidence, Sony will offer free downloads and free extension of 30 days to the subscription of PlayStation Network members.

Though the users passwords are not protected by encryption but instead they are protected by something known as hash which will make it difficult for someone to read the password as a plain text.

Sony has promised to beef up the security of their servers from now onwards.


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Sony is going to enter into tablet computer market

Yes it is true. Sony had recently announced their plans regarding the launch of their first two tablet computers codenamed S1 and S2. Tech and gadget geeks are taking this as a challenge by Sony to Apple. Apple had recently launched their 2nd generation iPad. iPad 2 like 1st generation iPad breaks all records and became extremely popular among Americans.

Some of the main points about the announcement are listed below:

  • The Sony tablet computer codenamed S1 will feature a single screen of 9.4 inch and is intended for home use. It will also feature a Universal Remote Control.
  • The other tablet that is S2 will feature two screens of 5.5 inch each. This is mainly intended for reading those digital ebooks which have their content displayed on two pages like a physical book. These two screens can also be used as  a single large screen or can be used to play games with game being played on first screen and controls on second.
  • Both the tablets will feature Google Android 3.0 (Honey Comb) . Google Android 3.0 is compatible with large screens like that of Sony’s tablet.
  • Both the tablets will have access to Sony’s exclusive online content like PlayStation games, Music, Videos etc.

There is no data on the expected price of these tablets.

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Book your DOT XXX now

.XXX is most controversial TLD ever. Some of the advocates out there are in favor of the launch of this new TLD as it will be easier for parents to block the access to porn websites by simply blocking all the websites ending in TLD DOT XXX. On the other hand some see this move as a negative one, according to them if ICANN approves this TLD than it will give porn industry a legal license which they think is utterly wrong.

According to a poll conducted by CNN, 83 percent of the 240,000 people are in favor for the launch of this TLD.

But after long discussion on this topic, ICANN ultimately approves the launch of the DOT XXX. ICANN had recently appointed ICM Registry for the management of the brand new TLD that is .XXX. ICM is expected to make huge profit from domain registrations as they are expecting 3 to 5 million domain registrations.

If you really want a .XXX badly, than you can pre-reserve it right now here.

Share your opinion on this new TLD.



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iPhone 4 will soon hit Indian shores but…

iPhone 4, a smart phone by Apple Inc. who had already gained thumbs up from consumers of many countries will soon be available in India as per the reports.  The Indian telecommunication giant Airtel and other telecommunication company Aircel are those companies who have already announced the launch of iPhone 4 here in India.

But the most interesting fact around this talk is that there are solid rumors about the launch of iPhone 5 in the coming months. So if this comes out to be true than who will purchase the deprecated iPhone 4 here in India. Instead of spending huge amount on this deprecated model, i will suggest you to go with companies like HTC, Samsung, LG and Nokia. These companies actually care about Indian market (much more than APPLE)

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Godaddy’s 4GH hosting sucks

Hello all of you

Through UB7.NET i am going to present all of you a brief review of Godaddy’s 4GH hosting service. First of all i am not a professional blogger and also the website concerned is not a heavy traffic website.

Godaddy is quite popular for their coupon codes. Yes, i do believe that they are good at managing domains and also their prices are quite affordable but their other services especially hosting service is not at all good.

Recently only godaddy launched their new set of hosting plans known as 4GH plans i.e. 4th generation plans. On their comparison page they have divided the entire hosting industry into 4 generations (don’t know how they are dividing) i.e. 1Gh,2GH,3GH and 4GH. They have placed companies like justhost, hostgator under the 2GH column(STRANGE!) and they are placing themselves under the 4GH column.

But truly speaking guys, their servers are slow like a snail. But the most annoying thing about their hosting is that every task is performed in a queue i.e. you have to wait for atleast 3o minutes for the creation of database or another scenario is that you have to even wait for installing scripts under your account.

The thing 4GH hosting is just a marketing gimmick to fool all those newbies who are searching for their first website hosting. They are not at all good for dynamic websites but yea in case if you just want plain a html site then you can go for them otherwise stay away from them.

Here is the screen shot of the comparison(taken from godaddy’s website

Godaddy's 4GH hosting sucks

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