GOOGLEPLUSONE.COM, a trademark infringed domain now with Google

Google had recently won the dispute of the domain GOOGLEPLUSONE.COM. The original  registrant had registered this domain in 2008. The domain in question is very much similar to the social product recently launched by Google named Google +1 Button. The dispute was filed on 2nd may, 2011 by Google Inc. against the original registrant Seshchand Alturi.

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The all new +1 button from Google

Recently Google had officially reveled the much awaited competitor to Facebook’s Like Button known as +1Button. You can easily put the +1 button to your site following the instructions here. As Facebook’s Like Button is already popular among webmasters so Google is giving Higher Page Ranking  as a incentive to attract these webmasters.

The +1 Button is believed to be integrated into the Google search and ranking of the pages will be affected depending on the number of clicks the +1 button on a particular page will receive.

It is much easier to install a +1 button on your site as compared to Facebooks’s Like Button. This will also effect the popularity of Facebook’s Like Button.

Adding Google’s +11 Button on a wordpress blog is a very easy task. Just search for ‘+1 Button Plugin’ and install the plugin on your blog.


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How to start your own web hosting business?

How to start your own web hosting business?

Starting your own web hosting now a days is a much easier process. You can start a web hosting business at four levels depending on the investment you want to make in starting your first venture. The four levels are stated below:

  • Level 1 – As a reseller of some other hosting company.
  • Level 2 – By owning your own VPS (Virtual Private Server).
  • Level 3 – By renting your own dedicated box at some of the data center.
  • Level 4 – and finally by collocating your own hardware at some data center.


Level 1 is the most easiest way to enter into the web hosting business. Here the investment is minimal. You just need ti be the reseller of a big hosting company like Hostgator etc. For this you have to give your parent company a fixed monthly rental which normally ranges from 10$ to 100$. You will get a fixed amount of space and bandwidth which you can resell to your customers at a price decided by you.

In this category i will always recommend you to go with a host which offers realistic features like fixed amount of bandwidth and disk space.I am always against the host which offer unlimited space and bandwidth because there is unlimited in this world.

My suggestion would be to go with a smaller plan and than migrate to bigger plans as your customer base grows.


Level 2 will give you some more privileges eg. root access like a dedicated box. At the same it will give you more CPU and RAM power. The VPS is just like a dedicated box with little less power. Now there are two types of VPS available in the market.

  • Managed
  • Un managed

As i had already mentioned that your VPS is just like a dedicated server where you have full access over everything from installing your OS to installing your web server. This means you should be perfect in server administration and Linux in order to handle a VPS your self. If you are perfect in these things than you can go with Un managed VPS which is much cheaper than Managed one. If you are not familiar with server administration than you can either hire a server administrator or go with Managed solution.

I will always just a manged solution because it will really save you from getting humiliated in front of you customers whenever there occurs some problem in your VPS.

Go with Level 2 solution only when you have a comparatively larger customer base  or in case you can invest some more money into your web hosting venture.


Level 3 is quite costlier solution but it will give you full power of server. In dedicated servers also there are two types which are exactly same as that of VPS. Types are:-

  • Managed
  • Un Managed

Go for managed only when you have some sort experience as a server administrator other wise go for a managed solution.

This is a costlier solution and i would suggest you to go with it only when your customer base is large enough to support your box. The price of a decent box at a good data center in USA ranges from 100$ to 1000$ per month.


Level 4 is basically a solution for those hosts who are well established in this industry. In this solution you will basically purchase a server from the market and than rent a rack, electricity, maintenance and bandwidth from a data center. This comparatively cheaper than renting a dedicated box in the long run.

At the end of the day the main factor in running a successful web hosting business is the end user support or customer support. There are thousands of new web hosting  companies coming into play every day but 99% of them will disappear within a month. They are known as fly by night hosts.

If you are serious in starting a web hosting than you need to provide great customer support and yea always rent from a well established hosting company that will save you more dollars than going with unreliable and cheap host in the long run.


Vikas Sinha, Rajiv Gupta and Aman Singh

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List of top android phones available in India: Updated for 2011

Android is becoming one of the most popular mobile operating system in the world unlike IOS which is popular only in US. Though Symbian presently rules the OS market but it will soon be a history as Nokia, the main supporter of Symbian is itself moving to Windows Phone 7.

Here i have compiled the list of top  android phones which are either launched or yet to be launched in India this year.

1.  LG Optimus 2X

Now this is the first smartphone in the world which have a dual core processor. It’s even listed in Guinness Records. This phone is my first choice. But there are some problems faced by this mobile. You can read them here. In spite of the problems this is one of the best Smart Phone available in the market today. It is priced at around Rs. 28,000

Hardware specs include a 1 GHz Dual Core A9 chip on a Nvidia Tegra chipset. It comes with a 8 MP camera and a Full HD (1080P)  video recording at 24 FPS. It comes with an Android 2.2 but upgradable to 2.3 Gingerbread. The main competitor to this phone is Samsung Galaxy S2 though the later is costlier.

LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X

2. Samsung Galaxy S2

This phone is definitely the most powerful dual core phone available in India today. It’s yet to be launched here in India. The price is rumored to be between Rs. 30k to 35k. It’s price is justified by the amount of power and features this phone is equipped with.

It is powered by a dual core 1.2 GHz Exynos Processor with 1 Gig of RAM. It includes a 8 MP camera with 1080 P video recording available. Inbuilt storage is 16 GB with a expendable memory slot. It will be equipped with the latest version of Android that is 2.3 Ginger Bread.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2

3. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Here comes the Xperia in PSP avatar. This is the only Smart Phone powered by Android which is different from other Android Phones. It is compatible with  many of the available PSP titles.

Hardware includes a 1 Gig Qualcomm processor with 512 MB of RAM. It comes with a decent 5 MP camera and a sliding Gaming Pad which is one of the unique feature this phone offers.

It is available at around Rs 29k

Sony Xperia Play

Sony Xperia Play

4. Sony Xperia Arc

Xperia Arc can be considered as the bigger brother of Xperia X10. It is the most appealing Android Phone out there. With it’s sleek design it can easily be considered as the best Smart Phone as far as design is concerned.

Hardware includes the same processor as Xperia Play that is 1 Gig Qualcomm with 512 MB RAM. It’s screen size is 4.2 inches with Android 2.3 as the OS.

It is priced around Rs. 26k

Xperia Arc

Xperia Arc

5. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

Sony Ericsson Neo is more or less similar to Xperia Arc. It’s dispaly is somewhat smaller than Arc at 3.7 inches. It is also a thin and stylish phone like Arc.

Hardware includes a 1 Gig scorpion processor with 512 MB RAM. It is equipped with a 8 MP camera which can record videos at 720P. It is powered by Android 2.3 Operating System.

It is priced at around Rs. 24k

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

6. HTC Sensation

HTC is always in the front of the line as far as Android OS is concerned but their position is being taken by the Samsung Galaxy S2. Now HTC sensation is the answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S2.

It will feature a 1.2 Gig Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 768 MB RAM. The GPU on board will be Andreno 220. It will also feature a 8 MP camera capable of recording videos at 1080 P at 30 FPS. It is yet to be launched in India hence price is still unknown.

HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation


This article is written by Rajiv Gupta for UB7.NET

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Please read this before buying your first Web Hosting

According to me choosing a Web Host is one of the most difficult task one has to face while establishing his/her first website. The main reason why this is so difficult is because there are so many scam hosting companies around the world wide web. Moving from one host to another is also quite difficult in case your site is big in size. So to avoid this hassle in the future choose a quality host in the very first step. Paying few dollar more will protect you from being exploited by these scam hosts.

I am giving some steps here which will help you to choose a quality host:

  1. First of all go to and type in the domain of your selected web host and press search button. There you will get all sort of info about your selected web hosts domain like age and their registered address with telephone numbers.
  2. Please confirm it properly that the who is of your selected web host should not be protected as that it will raise the alarm that they are just spammers and avoid them at all costs. Now give them a call at the telephone number in order to verify the that their number is working or not. In case it’s not working than my suggestion would be to leave them and find another host.
  3. Web Hosting sites having Live Chat facility should be preferred more than those which don’t support this facility.
  4. Now this is a very important point. In order to get a quality web host you must register on this site this particular forum, owners of various web hosting companies represent themselves. Now in order to see how good is your selected web host, search that company in and read some of their reviews from their previous customers.
  5. Now this point is not that important but it will certainly help you. Please make sure that your selected web host is a premium or corporate member at If they are not than i will suggest to leave that company.

I will always suggest you to go with a web host which have following software’s installed in their servers

  1. Cloud Linux: Will increase the stability and helps in the isolation of different accounts on a shared hosting.
  2. Lite Speed Web Server:  This  is basically 10 times faster than Apache
  3. PHP
  4. MY SQL

This  article is written by Vinay Rana for UB7.NET

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