Massive 84 inch 3D UDTV from LG to be reveled at CES 2012

As per the reports from the Korea IT Times, LG will showcase their first 84 inch 3D UDTV at CES 2012. This UDTV will support the maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 and have 4 Million pixels, slim bezel with 3D features such as depth control and sound zooming.

Other features include high quality graphic engine. This UDTV will have access to the LG’s more than 1200 applications and 3D movie library. Content can be navigated with the help of a remote control with 4 inputs namely VR (Voice Recognition), Wheel, Magic gesture and point. This UDTV is also capable of converting 2D content to 3D with the help of the inbuilt conversion engine.

There is no note on it’s pricing and general availability as per the report.

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Merry Christmas to all UB7.NET readers

Merry Christmas to all UB7.NET readers

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Never ever go for Intex 450W PSU

Never ever go for Intex 450W PSU

Intex is an Indian brand so there is no doubt that they manufacture one of the worst computer peripherals in India. But because of their heavily discounted pricing i am their latest victim which costs me around Rs. 11,000. So here goes my story

My previous PSU is manufactures by LG which failed one day but that power supply is definitely a good one and hadn’t given me a single problem since the purchase of my first desktop. Now i have no particular information about the various PSU manufacturers. As i want the cheapest solution so i decide to go with Intex 450W which costs me Rs. 550 This Power Supply works fine for the entire week and one day it became dead. After that i call my Intex service center and they replaced my power supply for Rs. 250!

Now on the same day of the installation of the second unit, my GPU ASUS 8600 GT and a WD 750 GB Hard Disk gone corrupted (dead). I had lost my entire data. This costs me around Rs. 11000 in total. I managed to get  RMA for my Hard Disk but my GPU is out of warranty which means minus 4000 Rs. which bring the entire loss to Rs. 7000. Even Rs. 7000 is a big loss to a common man.

Now i have learn a hard lesson that never ever compromise on Computers Power Supply Unit. Thank to god that my CPU and MOBO is safe otherwise these both are out of warranty for ages!!!

Afterwards i had decided to go with a premium PSU from Corsair that is CX 430 V2 with 80% efficiency and this one costs me around Rs. 2100 but relieved me from mental tension..


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A guide on choosing the best discrete graphic card for your PC

A guide on choosing the best discrete graphic card for your PC

Graphic Cards now a days are available for as low as Rs. 1400 from both Nvidia and ATI. But the main problem in choosing the graphic card is to decide between the different GPU manufacturers. Both the companies i.e Nvidia and ATI only manufacture the core chips of the GPU and than afterwards they distribute these chips among the various licensed GPU manufacturers.

Now these manufacturers are free to add different features onto the graphic cards like overclocking the core, adding extra cooling fans, adding high quality heat sink and adding high quality Japanese solid capacitors. As i am writing this article from Indian perspective, i will recommend only those graphic card manufacturers which have strong presence in India.

Among these many manufactures some which i want to recommend are listed below:

  • MSI – MSI has strong presence in India with dedicated India based telephone numbers and E-Mail facility. The Twin Frozr series from MSI is one of the most popular ad reliable GPU series in the world.
  • Asus – Asus is a well known computer peripheral and component manufacturer with dedicated customer care facilities in India. It also have service centers in most of the major cities.
  • Gigabyte – Though Gigabyte is know for quality motherboards, they also manufacture GPU from both Nvidia and ATI. With strong presence in India, i assure you that you cannot go wrong with them.

Manufacturers which i don’t recommend at all:

  • Sapphire – RMA services only available in Big Cities
  • XFX  – Popular elsewhere but one of the worst customer care in India.
  • EVGA – Idiotic company with poor customer care
  • Palit
  • PNY
  • PowerColor
  • HIS
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Happy Gurpurab to all UB7.NET readers

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