12 Mbps plan from Reliance is not feasible everywhere

The new plan under post-paid category from Reliance really looks good on paper but it is not feasible everywhere as claimed by their customer care executives. I have confirmed personally from local reliance engineer and also see myself this plan in action at one of my friends home. A 12 Mbps plan will at least give a transfer rate of 1.5 Mega Bytes Per Second but it is not giving the same. The maximum which i can get on their connection is 3.5 Mbps which gives a transfer rate of 437.5 Kilo Bytes Per Second.

A 12 theoretically will not be feasible on the present copper wire network available in most of the cities in India and also it will not be compatible with the present modems from Reliance. This can be supported only on the Ethernet network which according to Reliance is available only in Metropolitans.

So instead wasting Rs. 999 on this plan, go with some other plan at less cost. In case if in near future if this plan starts to work perfectly than this will be one of the most lucrative plan available in India (excluding plans offered by some local operators like Beam in Hyderabad ). This plan offers 12 Mbps of bandwidth for downloads up to 25 GB and 1 Mbps after that. From my personal experience Reliance is always a stable broadband service provider in terms of ping and jitter. Availability is the only issue with this provider as their network spread is much less as compared to other ISP’s like Airtel, BSNL.

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The new iPads technical specifications

As you all know that Apple had recently announced that the successor of iPad 2 will be launched on 16th of march. It is up for pre order for some selected countries. This new device is packed with some serious improvements. Here is am listing the specifications of this baby in tabular format:




9.7” IPS LED Panel


2048 X 1536 Retina Display


Quad Core (Rumoured)


A5X 2 Core Chip


Not yet announced


16 /32/ 64 GB Models

Primary Camera

5 Mega-Pixel iSight Camera

Secondary Camera

VGA 640 X480

Cellular Support





802.11 a/b/g/n


3 axis


3 axis


9.4 mm (0.37 inches)

Weight (3G)

652 grams

Weight (3G/LTE)

662 grams

External Ports

3.5 mm audio jack, 30 pin dock

Location (Wi-Fi)

Digital Compass, Wi-Fi

Location (3G/LTE)

3G, 4G, Digital Compass, Wi-Fi, aGPS

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The all new iPad will be launched on 16th March

Apple had recently announced the launch of all new iPad which may be called as iPad 3 but what will it be called is still a rumour. Apple had done some serious up gradations in iPad 2. The new iPad features a lot of improvements which are discussed below.


The new iPad features the all new Retina display at a resolution of 2048 x 1536. This makes the new iPad the highest resolution tablet available in the market presently.


This new model will be equipped with a A5X chip featuring a quad core GPU. Apple is claiming that this chip will be 3 times aster than Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chipset and processor but it is yet to be verified.


There is no change in the front camera of the new model but a remarkable change can be observed in the rear or primary camera which is upgraded to 5 MP as compared to 0.7 MP in iPad2. This is the same camera that is featured in iPhone 4S also. This new camera will give the device capability to record 1080P videos.


One of the big improvement’s in iPad 3 takes place in the field of connectivity. The all new iPad will feature LTE support which means a LTE antenna is integrated into device only, making it compatible with the so called 4G networks of the world. 4G network will be able to deliver much higher data transfer speeds as compared to 3G.

Weight and Looks

There will not be any major difference between iPad 2 and new iPad in terms of look though the new iPad is bulkier and thicker than iPad 2 but this change is negligible to be noticed.

Pricing model will be same as iPad 2 in USA. Pre orders will start in few selected countries namely USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore. The rest of the world will be able to get this new iPad on or after 23rd March only. Presently there is no reports for the official launch of new iPad in India though.

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As usual Letsbuy will be at last position

As all the gamers out there must have already known that Mass Effect 3 is one of the most explosive title going to be released this year. All gamers who have pre ordered their copies on online retailers are still waiting for their shipments to be delivered.

One of the popular online retailer Flipkart had already changed the status of the game from Pre order to available but another popular retailer Letsbuy still have to make that change. To be on safe side they are mentioning the launch date as 2nd week of march which is just completely ridiculous. Gamers like are waiting for their pre ordered copies eagerly from past few months but still Letsbuy pay no heed them. As you all know that Letsbuy was recently acquired by Flipkart but still their quality is no where near Flipkart.

As usual Flipkart will be always late.


After waiting for 2 weeks for my copy of ME3, i have ultimately cancelled my order. Let’s see when will i get my refund.

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