How to have a grid layout when extracting data from MYSQL instead of linear layout?

I really want to have this functionality in my upcoming site but as you know i had just learnt PHP and MYSQL, so that’s why i am not a perfect at handling problems related to PHP. As per the regular tutorial available on the internet one can extract data from MYSQL in a linear way but i want to extract in a grid fashion. For this i googled it but haven’t got any meaningful result.

For this use the following code for extraction:


There is only one flaw in the above program that it violates the conditions of the HTML 5 standard which requires all the html tags to be closed with proper closing tags but it cannot be done here. If you have any better solution than please share with us in the comments below.

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Samsung Galaxy R now out of stock at almost all retail outlets and online shopping sites

galaxy r out of stock

Samsung Galaxy R is definitely one of the best Rs. 20,000 range in the Indian market right now. It is one of the two Dual Core smart phones available in that range, thought the chipset on both the phones is same. The other one is LG Optimus 2X. LG is not a favorite option among many Indians and hence it resale value is much lower as compared to brands like Nokia and Samsung.

In spite of the fact that Galaxy R boasts a 1GHz Dual Core processor and is doing well with the sales, Samsung decided to put a stop on the production of such a good smart phone. Initially it was launched at a price of Rs. 27,000 which results in the decreasing popularity of Galaxy R. As a result Samsung perform a series of price cuts and than ultimately getting stable at Rs.  20,999. Some of the online web sites like Sulekha priced Galaxy R at Rs. 18,000 before it was shit down by Samsung. After shut down the online retailer like LetsBuy raise the price of the few remaining pieces to Rs. 23,000 i.e. Rs. 2,000 black. But still at that price it was a steal.

Now it is out of stock at LetsBuy also. If you still want a Dual Core phone and don’t want to go for Galaxy S2 than look for some second hand Galaxy R.

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HDFC Netsafe updated for 2012

It might not be a big article but it is definitely a good news for all those loyal HDFC netsafe users. From this year onwards HDFC have updated their Netsafe terms and conditions. Though they are not available online but i have experienced them multiple times.

  • If a Netsafe VCC is cancelled by the account holder than the amount will be credited to his/her account after one day even when the VCC is created from Debit Card
  • The remaining amount of a semi utilized VCC will be credited to his/her account after 3 days when the VCC is created from Debit Card. Previously it was 35 days !
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New Samsung Galaxy Y with QWERTY keyboard and upgraded camera

New Samsung Galaxy Y with QWERTY keyboard and upgraded camera

The all new avatar of Samsung’s budget android phone Galaxy Y is up for Pre Order at most of the online stores in India like Letsbuy at a price of Rs. 11,090. This upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy Y will have some extra features listed below:

  • It features a full QWERTY keypad along with 2.6″ capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 400 x 240
  • Primary Camera is upgraded to 3.12 megapixel
  • It also features a 0.3 megapixel front camera for 3G video calling.
  • Dual SIM facility 

Most of the core features are retained from simple Galaxy Y like:

  • Same 832 MHz processor
  • Expandable storage capacity to 32 GB
  • Other features like Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor are same in this model.

So basically you are giving Rs 3,540 extra for 4 features mentioned above. Is it worth or not will depend on the buyer. At 11k – 13k we have some more big screen Android handsets available.

Here are some of the pics:

new galaxy y

new galaxy y













new galaxy y

new galaxy y














new galaxy y

new galaxy y














Do share you views on it in the comments below.

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Galaxy S2 to receive ICS update on 1st march

Galaxy S2 to receive ICS update on 1st march

As per the latest rumors floating in the web world, Samsung most popular smartphone Galaxy S2 will receive the much awaited android ICS update as early as 1st March, 2012. This piece of information was revealed by a Russian tech blogger Elder Murtazin, who is famous for having the in depth information about latest releases in the tech world.

Samsung had recently announced that most of their high end galaxy phones including Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy R and Galaxy S Plus will receive the Android ICS update in different quarters of 2012. The latest Galaxy Nexus comes preloaded with the latest Android.

Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S3 which is expected to be launched as early as march of this year will also feature the latest version of the Android.


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