Walmart acquired Indian ecommerce company Flipkart for 107766 crore

Walmart made a big announcement on Wednesday that shook the entire ecommerce industry in India. Walmart decided to purchase majority stake in the Indian ecommerce giant Flipkart for 1 lakh+ crores of rupees. Walmart acquired 77% stake in the company and thereby making its way into the 200 billion$ + ecommerce market in India. Investment of this scale will be financed with the help of instruments such as debt and cash.

Walmart’s long tem plan for Flipkart is to list it as a publicly traded entity that would be its own subsidiary. Most of the early day investors in Flipkart decided to liquidate their share in the ecommerce company with this deal. Biggest of them includes Softbank which rakes in approximately 4 billion $ from this deal. Walmart will also infuse fresh equity of around 2 billion$ into Flipkart so as to give it a competitive edge against Amazon. Walmart will introduce its expertise in logistics and other areas which can help Flipkart in competing with Amazon.

Samsung to launch foldable android smartphone Galaxy X in February next year

There was a time when the popularity of foldable phones is so much that people use to pay premium price for such kind of phones. But as the time passes and with the advent of platforms such as android and iOS, the popularity of such phones reduced considerably. They are now replaced with what I call fancy bricks.

Samsung is going to break this habit of so many years by launching Galaxy X foldable smartphone in February, 2019. So people who are waiting eagerly to try something new, please wait till February, 2019.

Galaxy X will feature never seen before 3 OLED screens measuring 3.5 inches.  2 of these screens will be concatenated to form a big 7 inch display and one will be at back. Specs are not yet revealed.

The most expensive smartphone in the world iPhone X is also the world’s best selling

Apple iPhone X is popularly know as the worlds most expensive smartphone. But this fact didn’t stopped people from buying it the most in the Quarter 1 of 2018. As per the analytical analysis from Strategy Analytics Apple shipped 16 million units of iPhone X. But this is not the most interesting fact of this analysis. Interesting fact is that Apple smartphones capture top 4 slots as far as number of shipments are concerned in the Quarter 1 of 2018.

Android based flagships from Samsung, LG, Google are no where to be seen in this new list. The list contains only one Android based smartphone in top 5 that is from Xiaomi Redmi 5A. Xiaomi is a Chinese company which is popular for giving high end features like Qualcomm SOC and dual cameras at half the price of their competitors. So there is no doubt that it beats all other flagships by serious margin.

Tainted registrar Network Solutions adds one more negative point to its store

Everyone who is into the world of domain names and web space knows that never ever go for Network Solution for registering domain names. The reason is pretty much clear here the company can’t simply manage their clients. Every now and then domain name gets stolen from Network Solution because of their flimsy security policy.

Not only this, the company is also a dumb registrar who don’t even know how to deal in some situation where your clients are going to be affected. The same thing happened recently where they have agreed to hand over one of their clients domain to the Government Of France on the order of one of the random court of France. The domain name involved was

GPU Price check Friday

GPU prices are at all time high. Why? Well because of mining. Not the mining of Gold or any other precious minerals. It is because of the mining of virtual cyptocurrency such as bitcoin.

GPU Model MD Computers Prime ABGB AMAZON IT Depot SMC international
MSI GTX 1060 28700 29736 31475 30395 NA