HTC Desire C launched in India at a price tag of Rs. 14,000

htc desire cHTC has recently launched their all new Android based smartphone HTC Desire C in India at an unexpected price of Rs. 14,000. HTC Desire C also features the same GUI (Graphical User Interface) HTC Sense 4.0 as it is present in the smartphones of their One series. As far as hardware is concerned HTC Desire C is a big flop. It is powered by an age old mediocre 600 MHz processor which was used in earlier generation of smartphones. 1GHz is the norm today and most of the applications and games actively require high clocks to run smoothly. Also there is no GPU present in this phone to process graphical requirements of the application and particularly games.

And because of the mediocre hardware present in HTC Desire C, i will not recommend any one to purchase this phone. Instead buy Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini at Rs. 9,500 which has a 1 GHz CPU and a dedicated Adreno GPU for best gaming experience. Xperia mini is also upgradable to latest Android ICS 4.0.

Detailed Specs about HTC Desire C are listed below:



CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon
CPU Frequency 600 MHz
Display 320 X 480
165 PPI
Display Protection None
Battery 1230 mAh
Bluetooth 4.0+A2DP
OS Android ICS 4.0
Primary Camera 5 MP
Secondary Camera None
Memory 4 GB
512 MB RAM
Card Slot Yes
Price Rs. 14,000
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The all new MacBook Pro with Retina Display

new macbook proApple Inc. yesterday at WWDC launched the all new MacBook Pro featuring the much acclaimed Retina Display technology. The new MacBook Pro is now available for sale at Apple Stores (both online and offline.) This new MacBook Pro is powered by the latest CPU from Intel in the form Core i7 (IVY Bridge) and is also powered by a discrete graphic chip from Nvidia that is GT 640M. With the latest hardware from both Intel and  Nvidia, new Apple MacBook Pro is definitely one of the most powerful notebook out there. Indian website of Apple has also been updated with the information about this new MacBook but there is no information on the exact launch date for this new MacBook Pro in India.

The new MacBook Pro comes in two avatars which are listed below along with their major hardware differences:

  • 15 Inch 2.3 GHz edition
  • 15 Inch 2.6 GHz edition
Feature 15 Inch 2.3 GHz edition 15 Inch 2.6 GHz edition
CPU 2.3 GHz Core i7
with CPU clock up to 3.3 GHz when needed and a L3 cache of 6 MB
2.6 GHz Core i7
with CPU clock up to 3.6 GHz when needed and a L3 cache of 6 MB
Hard Disk or Storage 256 GB storage in Flash technology 512 GB storage in Flash technology and can be upgraded to 768 GB
Price ( USA ) 2,199$ 2,799$

Common Feature are listed in the table below:

Feature New Apple MacBook Pro
Display Size 15.4 Inch
Display Technology LED + IPS panel at a maximum resolution of 2880 X 1800
RAM 8 GB DDR3 at 1600 MHz (Can be upgraded to 16 GB)
Size Height – 0.71 Inch
Width – 14.13 Inch
Weight 2.02 kg
GPU Nvidia GT 640M discrete GPU along with Intel HD 4000. Both the GPUs are in switchable graphic mode.
Web Cam HD Camera available
Port and Expansions MagSafe 2 power port
2 Thunderbolt ports
2 USB 3
SDXC card reader slot
Wireless Wi-Fi available (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g)
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 95 Watt/hour
OS Latest OS X Lion




new macbook pro 1


new macbook pro 2



new macbook pro 3



new macbook pro 4

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Classes of the SD memory cards explained

You may have been wondering what all those single digit number inside a circle indicate on your memory card. The simple answer is that they indicate the class of the memory card. A class of the memory card is basically a measure for its speed.

Different classes are listed below along with their read/write speed:



Transfer Speed
( read/write )

class 2


2 MB/s

class 4


4 MB/s

class 6


6 MB/s

class 10


10 MB/s

A class 10 card is usually the most expensive ones. On average a 16 GB class 10 card costs you around Rs. 1,200

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How to use Wi-Fi with Reliance wireline Broadband?

This is definitely the most asked question on different broadband forums but still there is no universal solution to this problem because of the fact that Reliance still use the same old and crappy web login system foe connecting to internet. So this web login system is not compatible with two of the most popular modes that is PPPOE and Bridge mode in Wi-Fi routers.

The only mode that can work with Reliance broadband is Dynamic mode. It is also known as MER Dynamic mode. Most of the modern routers out there has this mode but some of the router don’t have this mode, so it will be difficult to use Reliance Broadband on such a router. Here are the steps on connecting Reliance Broadband:

  1. First buy a Dynamic mode based router. Most of the Asus router out there contains this mode. So i will recommend you to buy one of the Asus router.
  2. Most of the Asus router has an option for automatic setup but that will not work with Reliance. Automatic setup is mostly for PPPOE and Bridge modes.
  3. So set up your router in Dynamic or MER Dynamic mode. It is easy to setup router in this mode as router will provide you with this option at initial start-up.
  4. Once Dynamic mode setup is complete than enable DHCP option in configuration setting of your router.
  5. Now after this connect your devices to your new router.
  6. You will now be able to see Reliance Web Login page on all of your devices. Login at one of the devices.
  7. After login, you will be able to  use internet on all the connected devices via Wi-Fi.

Remember that Reliance wireline broadband will not work as Wi-Fi on All in One Routers that is those routers which contain both Wi-Fi router and Modem. So please don’t waste your money on this type as they are 2x costly than a normal router.

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What will be the improvements in the upcoming IOS 6?

As you all know that IOS 6 will be the next version of the mobile OS from apple. IOS 6 will replace previous generation IOS 5. The official announcement of this OS will be done today at WWDC by Apple but the actual launch will somewhere near October. At that time Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone also that is iPhone 5.

Various improvements which can be there in IOS 6 are listed below:

  • The first and foremost improvement that IOS 6 brings is the availability of ”Siri” for the  big screen iPad. Presently only iPhone 4S has Siri app but now after the launch of IOS 6 it will be available on iPad too.
  • Addition of the 3D maps application which is destined to replace Google Maps. From IOS 6 onwards the Google Maps will be replaced by 3D map app from Apple as the default map service . This is considered as a big blow to Google.
  • Apple app store is expected to get a new look.
  • Integration of Facebook into the very core of the OS.
  • A feature rumoured as iCloud Tabs will also be available in IOS 6. With the help of iCloud Tabs one can access their open tabs in the Safari web browser across multiple IOS devices. This is really an interesting features for those who travel large distances and want to access their open tabs in the browser of their MAC computer at home.
  • Another function known Mail VIP will also be available in IOS 6. This will mark all the important mails that you will receive.
  • Another function goes by the Do Not Disturb. With the help of these feature one can stop incoming notifications from different apps installed on your device.
  • Updated versions of some default apps such as iTunes, App Store and iBooks.

IOS 6 is also rumoured to be designed keeping the new iPhone 5 in mind, as the new iPhone is expected to have a large screen of 4.0  inches. At 4.0 inches it will be 0.5 inches larger than its previous generation.

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