Opera 12 with new features and enhancements

Opera Software has recently released the 12th version of its desktop browser Opera. Opera is the direct competitors to Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Opera among all these has the least market share but on the other hand Opera is one of the most innovative browser out there. Even browsers like Mozilla Firefox has adapted some of the design and functionality components from Opera.

Opera has dedicated user base around the world and it is bound to grow with time because it is one of the deserving browser. Opera 12 brings hosts of features and improvements. All these improvements are listed below:

Addition of beautiful themes:

Now your browser also has this functionality like Firefox. Customizations are always part of the Opera browser but from now onwards its users will have the facility of changing the themes also and also the design of the tabs. Changing the design of the tabs is definitely one of the most cool features of Opera 12.

Inbuilt Camera access:

Opera 12 can access you webcam now. This feature does not require any plugin or software to work.

Do not track:

This feature will help on in securing their privacy on the world wide web by not disclosing their location to the websites. Also when this feature is active than websites will not be stored in your history and nor they will save any sort of web beacons.

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Cable operators demanding Police protection on 1st July 2012

You all must be aware of the advertisements running on TV screens that from 1st July onwards it will be compulsory for the local cable operators (also known as LCOs) to provide digitized connection to their customers using set top boxes. This will be implemented initially in metropolitans only that is New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

If it really happens than the end consumers in all these cities will get digitized TV content from 1st July onwards. But problems has already start to occur. The LCOs from Delhi had gathered around Jantar Mantar and staged a peaceful protest to Shanti Bhawan against the upcoming digitization.

There are many points in the complain written by LCOs to Information and Broadcasting Minister Mrs Ambika Soni. Following are some of the points:

  1. First and foremost point in the complaint is that majority of the homes in Delhi don’t have STBs (Set Top Boxes) at their residences.
  2. Many parts of Delhi not even get digital signal from MSO. The parts receiving digital signal are even less than 20%
  3. The STBs coming from China does not support HD content and VODS (Video On Demand Service) content.
  4. LCOs are getting many inquiries from consumer about the process of digitization and how much will cost them. But LCOs are unable to provide any sort of information to consumers as they don’t have any details about the packages and channels.

Now LCOs are afraid of the situation when consumers will be unable to get TV content from 1st July onwards due to poor arrangements by MSOs. Hence they demand police protection on 1st July.

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Full computer under Rs. 20,000 : Updated June, 2012

Everyone of us now wants to be online and access Facebook and share our life on twitter but for that we need a computer. And if your budget is up Rs. 20,000 than you can buy either a netbook or a desktop. This depends on the fact that whether you will be using Internet on the go or at your home. If you want Internet access only at home than go for desktop. Building a desktop below Rs. 20,000 is always a challenging thing and you have to compromise on many things.

Here is the configuration in tabular format which i will suggest you to go for:




CPU Core i3 2120 Rs. 6,000
Motherboard Asus P8H61 M Plus V2 Rs. 3,000
RAM ADATA Value RAM Rs. 1,000
Display DELL E1709 W Rs. 4,500
Hard Drive 320 GB Seagate/WD Rs. 3,000
Cabinet Generic (Circle / Zebronics) Rs. 800
Power Supply Corsair CX 430 V2 Rs. 2,200
Optical Drive (Optional) Sony /LG Rs. 1,000
Total Rupees Rs. 20,500 (Excluding ODD)
Rs. 21,500 (Including ODD)

The prices in the list are the bargain prices. You may or may not get the same prices in your city. These are the latest prices from Kudrat Infotech, Chandigarh.

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Facebook to strengthen up the security of its users accounts

Facebook is definitely the most popular social networking in the world. But with greater popularity comes greater responsibility and to maintain that popularity Facebook is all set to the strengthen the security of it users. Recent breach at LinkedIn has forced Facebook to take the decision of getting mobile numbers from its users.

Facebook claims that by giving your mobile number, you will be more safe as you will always have a way to reset the password. It is definitely a very good way of resetting password and is employed by most of the top email services in the world like Gmail and Hotmail. But at same time Facebook is know for privacy issues. People are afraid that Facebook will sell their mobile numbers to telemarketers and will harm their privacy.

Facebook has also suggested its user to keep their passwords strong. By strong they mean their passwords should contain number, alphabets and special characters and password should be sufficiently long to be secure.

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Flagship phone HTC One X facing some serious issues

The flagship smartphone model of HTC that is HTC One X is again in the lime light but now for some negative reasons. HTX One X, a quad core phone from HTC is facing a serious problem in which if the phone is handled at a particular position than it will stop receiving signal form the mobile tower and start lagging in games. Quick solution is revealed as to change the position but customers want something permanent as they are the one who had spend massive amount of Rs. 36,000 on this mobile phone.

Adding more trouble to the situation, HTC has also acknowledged about this problem existing in some of the HTC One X handsets. This problem is first revealed by HTC One X users from England. HTC has recommended to report all the bugs and latest information regarding this problem at XDA forum.

If we go some year back than we would see that Apple iPhone was also facing the same problem and later Apple confirmed that this was not a mere software problem instead a hardware one. It will be interesting to see what will happen in this case.

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