How to change the width of the Command Prompt?

Changing the width of the command prompt window can sometimes become a challenging task as there is no menu bar or simple shortcut to change the width. Here are the steps to change the width of the command prompt window:

1.  First click the right mouse button on the title bar where the name “Command Prompt” is written.

2.  After right click a menu will appear. Click on the “Properties” option at the end of the menu.

3.  After clicking properties option a windows will appear with 4 different tabs.

4.  Click on the “Layout” tab on the top of this window.

5.  In layout tab you can change the screen size by changing the numerical value of option “Window      Size”. It contains two option namely “Width” and “Height” which you can change correspondingly to your desire

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Facebook has officially acquired the facial recognition software maker it was previously a rumour that Facebook will acquire but now it is official after the blog post by on their official blog.

Facebook will continue to support the developer community of also expressed that their acquisition by Facebook will result in more productive applications. The exact amount involved in the deal is still unknown but it is expected between 80 to 100 million dollar.

Facebook has recently acquired some of the businesses in order to expand their own network. This includes acquisition of Instagram for 1 billion $ and acquisition of two small companies Glancee and Karma for undisclosed amounts and now is know for giving API access to other developers to their Face recognition software.

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Mozilla to fill the gap, reveals browser named junior for Apple iPad

Mozilla is known for its Firefox which is presently the most popular browser for Windows OS. The only closest competitors to  Firefox is Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Google Chrome. These both competitors have no plans to release their browsers for Apple IOS. But Mozilla had earlier shown some intentions on developing a browser for IOS but were they has never put that plan into real effect.

But recent reports going around the web indicated that Mozilla is developing a web browser name Junior for Apple iPad specifically. They had also said that the presently Apple iPad users only have Apple Safari as the sole web browser which does according to Mozilla does not provide a great browsing experience to end users.

The web browser name Junior will have the following features listed below:

  • Junior will not have any tabs or a URL bar.
  • The browser will display web pages on the full screen mode.
  • Just a swipe towards left on the navigation activates the Do Not Track mode.
  • Only three buttons will be there. Two buttons are for back and forward of web pages and one for accessing bookmarks etc.

These new features really looks interesting but there is no confirmation from Mozilla on when Junior will be launched actually.

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How to buy your first Laptop?

If you are in a market to purchase your first laptop than you will get immensely confused on looking at the number of companies available in the market today. Not only companies, if you go one more level deep there is also a large variety of different hardware and software to choose from. So these many options will definitely make your laptop shopping a confusing one. But here i am going to give you some tips on how to purchase laptops.

First ask yourself when and where you will be using your laptop or notebook.

This is a very important question. First decide which type of person you are from the three categories given below.

  • If you travel or go to different places than go for a laptop as it will be useful thing.
  • If you are the one who want to use computer only at home than never ever go for laptop instead go for a desktop PC which has a lower maintenance, longer life, low price and more power than the laptop of the same price range.
  • If you are an employee and want a computer for business needs than owning a laptop is more beneficial than a desktop.

Than came the question what will be the purpose of your new laptop:

Purpose can be anything. It may include the following:

  • Surfing the web: if you want to use your laptop just to surf internet than your laptop does not require any powerful hardware to help you with it. For this category even a cheap laptop will do the job.
  • General Entertainment: If you want to use your laptop for on the go movie watching than a GPU is required for smooth playing of a movie. I am not saying a high end discrete GPU. Even a simple on board or integrated GPU will also do the game.
  • HD or Blu Ray entertainment: HD content requires a more power from hardware and because of this if you want to watch HD content on your laptop without lag than you will need a laptop with a low end discrete GPU. It will slightly increase the cost of your hardware.
  • Gaming: Gaming on laptop is never a advisable thing. Gaming requires a lot raw power from your hardware to process complex graphics and physics. This comes not only at extra money but also at extra heat generation. Gaming on laptop results in the production of heat. But today dedicated gaming laptops are available with advanced features. If you want a gaming laptop the than you will be going to need a powerful or mid level GPU and 4 GB+ RAM for smoothly playing latest titles.

What is your budget?

Budget is also a very important factor. Your budget depends on the purpose of your laptop. Recommended budget list is given below:

  • If you just want to surf the web and do little editing or creation of documents than you can either go for a Netbook or a cheap laptop. Netbooks are laptops only with smaller screen (usually 10 inch). But today prices of laptops have fallen so drastically that i will never recommend any one to go for a Netbook. For a laptop in this category you will need a budget of around Rs. 20,000.
  • If you want a entertainment laptop than i will suggest you to go AMD APU based laptops. APU stands for Accelerated Processing Unit. APU contain both the processor and GPU. GPU part of an APU is powerful enough to run movies without any lag. Your budget needs to be around Rs 25,000
  • If you want a laptop for HD entertainment than you will need a laptop with discrete GPU. You budget for this category needs to be around Rs. 32,000
  • If you want to do gaming than i will suggest you to go for a laptop with a decent discrete GPU. You budget needs to be around Rs. 50,000 for this category. There are some laptops available below Rs. 50k also  but they are not capable enough to run modern games.

Choosing a laptop company:

Choosing a laptop manufacturer is also important as some new laptop makers like Asus provide much better hardware at a given price as compared to other companies but they have a very weak support network. here i am listing the laptop manufacturers available in Indian along with their main points:

  • DELL : Dell is the one of the biggest laptop maker in the world. With its strong support network across Indian, Del in undoubtedly the best and the most trusted laptop maker in India.
  • HP: HP is also one the worlds biggest PC maker. HP also have a strong support network in India but HP laptops are more prone to over heating and other hardware  problems.
  • HCL: HCL is an Indian brand which is into multiple business. HCL laptops are cheap but not that reliable. So avoid HCL if you are getting DELL or an HP laptop.
  • Asus : Asus is definitely the world leader in the manufacturing of computer components. It definitely produce one of the best laptops at less price but they don’t have good support netwok in India.
  • Sony Vaio: Sony is know for its extended warranty benefits. Its laptops also pack some serious power but at high price tag.
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Microsoft to launch their own tablet : Rumour

As you all might know that Microsoft is going to launch Windows 8 some where near October this year. Windows 8 will be the first Windows OS that will be compatible with X86/X64 as well as ARM architecture. This will enable PC makers to use Windows 8 on their future tablets their by expanding the base of Windows OS.

The all new Metro design on Windows 8 is actually designed to be compatible with touch screen devices but the same design will be available on your PC also. This change is not welcomed by PC users at all and many discussions are going around the web that Windows 8 will get poor response from PC users. The missing start button adds to the disliking of Windows 8 by PC users.

But now as per the latest reports Microsoft is thinking about launching their own tablet to have a tighter control on both the software and hardware features of the device same as Apple. The new rumoured tablet from Microsoft is expected to come on two avatars.

  • One is the tablet with ARM based processor
  • The other one include Intel based mobile processors.

It will also be interesting to note that what will be the reaction of PC makers to this report. Microsoft is going on the path of Google. As Google controls the hardware in the form of Motorola mobility and also have Nexus series phones from Samsung.

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