Complete list of new gTLD as revealed by ICANN

Here i am attaching source where you can find the list of the new gTLDs which were applied by different companies.

One can fin the complete list of new gTLD at the following web address along with other information such clients country etc.

Web Based

Download PDF from here

CSV File

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ICANN will reveal the list of applied gTLDs today

ICANN, the organization responsible for maintaining domains and extensions is set to reveal the list of gTLD which were applied during the period when ICANN was accepting the applications of new gTLD. The list will be revealed today in a press conference to be held by ICANN at London.

As per the reports there are many different types of gTLD applications which were applied by different companies. Majority of these new gTLD will be the name of the companies for example .google or .microsoft. But there are some companies who has applied for the new gTLD based on generic names for example .bank or .web or .doctor. Most of these application were filed by different companies and therefore a auction will take place to decide which company has won the licence to that particular gTLD. Afterward they can sell domain to public and end users at what ever price they want. For example .com now on average is priced at 10$ because of the competition but the licence of the gTLD will be with one company only and they can charge whatever they want.

Not everyone can apply for the gTLD. It requires a massive amount of initial funding to move the application. The initial application submission fees is 185,000$ and than the winner company has to pay 25,000$  per year in maintenance to ICANN. ICANN has received a total amount of 350 million dollar because of the application process alone!

The number of new gTLD application received is 1930.

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Is Retina display from Apple really superior to other displays?

So Apple is successful in marketing a high PPI (Pixel Per Inch) screen as a Retina Display. Calling it as a Retina Display forces end user to think that in actual also the screen on the iPhone or other Apple devices is much better as compared to other displays. But it is not so in reality. Apple Retina Display is also a LED – IPS panel only with high PPI that is Pixels Per Inch.

If just PPI is concerned than the PPI of the screen of Galaxy S3 is 306 as compared to 330 in Apple iPhone 4S which is not that less. At such a low difference your view will not become pixelated due to any reason.

So in case you are going with iPhone 4S because it has a Retina Display than think twice before shelling out such a high price for this overpriced crap.

Contributed by Rajiv Gupta of WHG
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41 megapixel Nokia 808 smartphone is expected to be launched today in India

nokia 808 pureviewThe much awaited Symbian Belle OS based smartphone Nokia 808 is expected to be launched to day in India. Nokia 808 always remain in news because of its massive 41 megapixel camera lens. Nokia 808 uses something known as Pure View pro imaging technology which help it to overcome noise in the images.

Not only this Nokia 808 is powered by a 1.3 GHz ARM 11 processor which makes the editing of photos on the phone itself a breeze. It also contains a GPU chip which further enhances its imaging capabilities.

Nokia 808 is based on Symbian OS which can be one of the important point for its low sales. Many people consider Symbian as an out-dated  OS with mediocre application database. Irrespective of the fact that Nokia has updated its Symbian OS to latest and modern version by introducing several useful feature but still it is no where near Android or IOS.

There are rumours however that Nokia will use its Pure View pro imaging technology with their Lumia series phones also. Lumia series smartphones are powered by Windows 7.5 OS which is considered to be one of the top most rival to both IOS and Android OS. The combination of PureView + Windows can definitely help Nokia to regain its lost position in the field of smartphones. This combination has already been confirmed by one of the official of Nokia USA.

Some of the characteristics of its primary camera are given below:

  • It is a 41 MP camera lens with effective 38 MP which can shoot images with maximum resolution of 7152 X 5368
  • It makes use of Carl Ziess lens
  • Autofocus functionality is available
  • Xenon flash
  • 4x digital zoom (lossless)
  • Camera can record videos up to 1080p at 30 FPS
  • Aperture size is officially stated as f/2.8

There is no information on the initial pricing of Nokia 808 but some retailer are accepting pre orders at Rs. 32,000

Various features of Nokia 808 are listed below:



CPU Frequency 1.3 GHz
GPU On-board
Display 360 X 640
184 PPI
Display Protection Corning Gorilla Glass
Battery 1400 mAh
Bluetooth 3.0 + A2DP
OS Symbian Belle OS
Primary Camera 41 MP
Secondary Camera Yes VGA
Memory 16 GB
512 MB RAM
Card Slot Yes
Price Rs. 32,000
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Which letters are considered as premium in a domain name?

Most of the new domainers including myself usually have this question that which letters are to be considered as premium ones and which are to be avoided at any cost. After searching on Google and reading plethora of information regarding this questions, i came to a conclusion that there is no specific rule defining the importance of the character in a domain name. it entirely depend on the domain name in question. If it is a popular keyword and contains some non premium characters than there is no harm in using that domain as your website. In fact that particular domain will help in SEO of your future website.

But still there are some English alphabets which are considered as premium and non premium. They are listed below:

Letters which can be used in domains without restriction: premium letters

Letters which are to be avoided but can be used if needed: medium letters

Letters which to be avoided always: hated letters

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