Android ICS is now available for Sony Xperia S

xperia sSony has recently released the ICS update for their flagship smartphone Xperia S. Xperia S is the smartphone from Sony’s NXT series which came into existence after Sony purchase the mobility division of Ericsson. Despite of being the flagship phone from Sony, Xperia S initially comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS which draws criticism from most of the reviewers. But after the launch of the ICS update for Xperia S, Sony silence all these critics.

The latest will be available to all Sony Xperia S users. Users can update their phone to the latest OS by using OTA (Over The Air) update or via Sony mobile suit. OTA update can be performed if you have a Wi-Fi connection. It is not recommended to preform OTA update on a 2G GPRS network because of low downloading speed.

The update improves the overall functionality of Xperia S. Sony has also used their customized GUI for the new ICS update.

Please note that though it is confirmed that ICS update for Xperia S is now officially available there might occur a situation in which some of the users from certain countries have to wait longer to get the update. This is common for OS update process for most of the companies out there.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is too hot that it catches fire

burnt galaxy s3As per the reports coming from the web world one of the Galaxy S3 user hailing from Dublin has written on a public forum explaining about how his brand new Galaxy S3 catches fire when he was in his car. He has also posted the image of the effected Galaxy S3. From the image one can see that the phone is burn at bottom back. He has written about his incident on the following website.

As per his explanation when this incident occurs he heard a loud bang with white flame and spark coming out from the Galaxy S3. He also said that phone was still ON but was receiving no signal.

Samsung on their official blog has already accepted the information about this incident and said that they will start investigating the issue as soon as they receive the product in question.

The user in question updated the original information thread with more information the he had received no help from the retailer who had sold him the mobile phone. Instead of this head of the Samsung customer care himself contacted this user and replaced his phone with the new one and also promised to give him freebies.

This incident will definitely tarnish the global image of Samsung mobiles. But this is not the first time that a smartphone catches fire.  Apple iPhone is also in this list.


galaxy s3 burnt 1

galaxy s3 burnt 2

galaxy s3 burnt 3

galaxy s3 burnt 4

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MALI 450MP new Graphic architecture launched by ARM

ARM Holdings has launched the all new MALI 450MP Graphic chip architecture which will give two times the performance of the present generation MALI 400 MP. It will be used to power ARM based devices including latest tablets and televisions.

The power requirements is still unknown but if it is low than it will definitely be a boon for smartphones.

Some of the specifications of this new chip are listed below:

  • This new MALI GPU will be able to use 1 to 8 cores on a single chip
  • The L2 cache can range from 8 K to 512 K
  • Supports 16x of anti – aliasing
  • Die Size of 8.6 mm square when the L2 cache is 256 K
  • Provide multi sampling up to 4X
  • Clock speed varies from 240 MHz or 480 MHz
  • Performance includes drawing 104 million of triangles per second
  • Can process 3.8 giga pixels per 1 second @ 480 MHz
  • Supports resolution of 2048 and 4096 pixels
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Foxconn CEO is claiming that iPhone 5 will beat Samsung Galaxy S3 from every angle

Who will win the war between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3? Well nobody can tell at this time as iPhone 5 is not yet launched in the market but Foxconn CEO Terry Gou is already claiming that iPhone 5 will beat Galaxy S3 from every angle.

In a direct quote from the interview with Terry Gou by China Times Terry Gou said that consumers should wait for the launch of Apple iPhone 5 because it will Galaxy S3 to shame. Well how will it beat is yet to be answered. Foxconn ( if you don’t know ) is the manufacturer of Apple products and is based on China.

Foxconn has a 10 per cent share in Japanese Display manufacturer Sharp. And this is the reason the next Apple TV will use panels from Sharp.

Terry Gou also believes that Japanese are more trustworthy than Koreans (Samsung)

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Madras High court ordered ISPs to unblock torrent and file sharing websites

You must have known about the news of the blocking of different file sharing and torrent websites by different ISPs throughout India after the so called John Doe order by the Tamil Nadu high court on the request of the the producer of the different films. Most of these films are Tamil based and among all of them the most predominate film is named “3”.

After this ban Anonymous, also known as Internet Hactivists brings down the websites of the government and of different ISP including MTNL using DDOS. Anonymous also had organized a peaceful protest throughout India against the censorship by the Indian government.

Now after the latest ruling from the Madras High court to all the ISPs that they should not block the entire websites and ISPs should unblock access to some of the trusted websites on the list which includes Vimeo (a video sharing site) and Pastebin (A code or document sharing website).

Court has also ordered to block only specific URL which are violating the rights of the copyright holders by using any means possible.

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