How to use Wi-Fi with Reliance wireline Broadband?

This is definitely the most asked question on different broadband forums but still there is no universal solution to this problem because of the fact that Reliance still use the same old and crappy web login system foe connecting to internet. So this web login system is not compatible with two of the most popular modes that is PPPOE and Bridge mode in Wi-Fi routers.

The only mode that can work with Reliance broadband is Dynamic mode. It is also known as MER Dynamic mode. Most of the modern routers out there has this mode but some of the router don’t have this mode, so it will be difficult to use Reliance Broadband on such a router. Here are the steps on connecting Reliance Broadband:

  1. First buy a Dynamic mode based router. Most of the Asus router out there contains this mode. So i will recommend you to buy one of the Asus router.
  2. Most of the Asus router has an option for automatic setup but that will not work with Reliance. Automatic setup is mostly for PPPOE and Bridge modes.
  3. So set up your router in Dynamic or MER Dynamic mode. It is easy to setup router in this mode as router will provide you with this option at initial start-up.
  4. Once Dynamic mode setup is complete than enable DHCP option in configuration setting of your router.
  5. Now after this connect your devices to your new router.
  6. You will now be able to see Reliance Web Login page on all of your devices. Login at one of the devices.
  7. After login, you will be able to  use internet on all the connected devices via Wi-Fi.

Remember that Reliance wireline broadband will not work as Wi-Fi on All in One Routers that is those routers which contain both Wi-Fi router and Modem. So please don’t waste your money on this type as they are 2x costly than a normal router.

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What will be the improvements in the upcoming IOS 6?

As you all know that IOS 6 will be the next version of the mobile OS from apple. IOS 6 will replace previous generation IOS 5. The official announcement of this OS will be done today at WWDC by Apple but the actual launch will somewhere near October. At that time Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone also that is iPhone 5.

Various improvements which can be there in IOS 6 are listed below:

  • The first and foremost improvement that IOS 6 brings is the availability of ”Siri” for the  big screen iPad. Presently only iPhone 4S has Siri app but now after the launch of IOS 6 it will be available on iPad too.
  • Addition of the 3D maps application which is destined to replace Google Maps. From IOS 6 onwards the Google Maps will be replaced by 3D map app from Apple as the default map service . This is considered as a big blow to Google.
  • Apple app store is expected to get a new look.
  • Integration of Facebook into the very core of the OS.
  • A feature rumoured as iCloud Tabs will also be available in IOS 6. With the help of iCloud Tabs one can access their open tabs in the Safari web browser across multiple IOS devices. This is really an interesting features for those who travel large distances and want to access their open tabs in the browser of their MAC computer at home.
  • Another function known Mail VIP will also be available in IOS 6. This will mark all the important mails that you will receive.
  • Another function goes by the Do Not Disturb. With the help of these feature one can stop incoming notifications from different apps installed on your device.
  • Updated versions of some default apps such as iTunes, App Store and iBooks.

IOS 6 is also rumoured to be designed keeping the new iPhone 5 in mind, as the new iPhone is expected to have a large screen of 4.0  inches. At 4.0 inches it will be 0.5 inches larger than its previous generation.

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Latest version of Apple mobile OS that is IOS 6 will be absent from first iPad

ios 6 banner ub7Apple usually update their all devices both old and new with the new OS whenever it is released. But this will not happen now as a rumour is already on the web world indicated that at least two of the old Apple devices will not be getting upcoming IOS 6 update which will be officially declared at WWDC which is going to be held at San Francisco today. The devices which are not getting this big update includes Original iPad and 3rd Generation iPod touch. Actual update will be released somewhere near October, 2012.

IOS 6 will be the latest mobile OS from Apple and will power its devices such as iPad, iPhone etc. IOS 6 is expected to bring some serious improvements over the previous generation IOS 5. It is also being considered as the biggest IOS update till date.

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HTC One S launch date confirmed

htc one s snapdragon kraitHTC has recently announced that they will be launching HTC One S here in India on 15th June, 2012. HTC One  S is the one of the smart phone of the much hyped HTC One series. It was already launched in some of the European countries. It is expected to be priced at Rs. 33,000 which is definitely a high  for a dual core smartphone like HTC One S. It’s bigger brother HTC One X is already present in India and is currently priced at around Rs. 35,000. One X is powered by a quad core CPU ( Nvidia Tegra 3 ) as compared dual core CPU in One S.

Its detailed specifications are listed below in a tabular format.




Image one x one s
CPU Quad Core
Nvidia Tegra 3 Chipset
Dual Core 1.5 GHz Krait on Qualcomm MSM8260A Snapdragon chipset
CPU Frequency 1.4GHz 1.5 GHz
GPU ULP Geforce Adreno 225
Display 720 X 1280
312 PPI
540 X 960
256 PPI
Display Protection Corning Gorilla Glass Corning Gorilla Glass
Battery 1800 mAh 1650 mAh
Bluetooth 4.0+A2DP 3.0+HS
OS Android ICS 4.0 Android ICS 4.0
Primary Camera 8 MP 8 MP
Secondary Camera 1.3 MP @ 720P VGA
Memory 32 GB
16 GB
Price Rs. 35,500 Rs. 33,000

The looks and design of HTC One S is very similar to HTC One X. There core difference is the number of cores in their CPUs.

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How to do encrypt a string in PHP?

Encryption converts our string into some random characters there by making it difficult for hackers to know the real string. It is always recommended to encrypt the passwords of your website users before saving it to a database.

Here we will be using “crypt()” function in PHP for encryption. The method defined here will not let your users to reset their passwords via reset form. Here is the code which can be used for encryption.


The strip tags function used here helps in removing the HTML tags.

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