PIR to raise .org prices by 0.49$

Public Interest Registry or simply known PIR is going to increase the prices of .ORG domain extension by 0.49$ from 1st July onwards. This means if your present registrar is selling the .org extension for 10$/year than from now onwards it will be 10.49$. 0.49 $ is approximately Rs. 28 in Indian currency.

PIR is the organization which is behind the core management of .ORG domain extension. Though this extension is mostly used by NGOs or volunteer organizations, its popularity among domainers is very high. Some experienced domainers consider .ORG to be a more general extension than .NET and hence more premium too.

So if you have .org domains in your portfolio, than renew it before the price increase.

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Rumoured HTC One XXL to be powered by a Krait based quad core CPU

As per the latest rumours going around the web world, HTC is going to launch the all new Smartphone HTC One XXL. HTC One XXL can simply be considered as an upgraded version to HTC One X (USA Version). The USA version of HTC One X is powered by a dual core CPU based chipset S4 from Snapdragon. The CPU on a S4 chipset is a dual core processor with Krait based cores.

htc one xxl


HTC One XXL not only features a mere CPU upgrade but also many other improvements. Some of them are listed below:

  1. HTC One XXL is rumoured to have 2GB of on-board RAM. 2GB RAM is present in very few smartphones presently. The upcoming Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung is also expected to be loaded with 2 GB of RAM. Presently LG Optimus 4X is the only smartphone to have 2 GB of RAM. But also if the rumours are true then the Galaxy S3 version for South Korea also features 2 GB of RAM.
  2. Larger screen size of 4.7 inch at HD resolution
  3. 8 megapixel primary camera and 1.8 megapixel secondary camera
  4. Latest Adreno 320 GPU
  5. Quad Core chipset with 4G or LTE connectivity.
  6. The chipset which we expect to be present in this beat is Qualcomm APQ8064 which have 2.5 GHz of clock per core!
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AMD to launch 7970 GHz edition

7970 ghz editionAs you all may know that as per the latest benchmark reports Nvidia’s GTX 670 and GTX 680 kepler based graphic cards beats the hell out of AMD 7970. AMD 7970 in spite of having 3GB VRAM and more memory width, was beaten up by both of these Kepler based GPUs from Nvidia. In response to this AMD has nothing to do except to lower the price of their 7970. But now today AMD has launched the all new 7970 GHz edition.

AMD 7970 GHz is named because the core clock of this new graphic card is 1 GHz or 1000 MHz . This will give some performance boost to the performance of the original 7970. 7970 GHz edition is just a overclocked version of the original chip with increased bandwidth. AMD 7970 GHz edition will also be some what costlier than original GPU by approximately 100$.

The latest benchmarks reports from Toms Hardware indicates that the new AMD 7970 GHz edition is now comparable to GTX 680 and beats GTX 670 in almost every test they performed. This new GHz edition chip some times even beats GTX 680 at some high resolution tests (2500 X 1600) which require more VRAM for smooth experience.

The major difference between the original and the new GHz edition is given below in the table.

Feature / Tech Spec 7970 GHz edition 7970 original GTX 680
Main clock 1000 MHz to 1050 MHz (Boost) 925 MHz 1006 MHz
Memory Clock 1500 MHZ 1375 MHz 1502 MHz
Video RAM 3GB 3GB 2GB
Memory Bus Width 384 bit 384 bit 256 bit
Memory Bandwidth 288 GB per second 264 GB per second 192 GB per second
Texture Fill Rate 134 Gtex/sec 118 Gtex/sec 128 Gtex/sec
Transistor Count 4.31 billion 4.31 billion 3.54 billion
Power TDP 250W 250W 195W
Indian Price NA Rs. 35,000 Rs. 33,000
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Windows Phone 8 OS based smartphones to feature dual core Krait CPU

So at last Windows OS based smartphones will also have dual core or quad core models. This became possible only after the recent launch of Windows Phone 8 OS by Microsoft this week. Windows Phone 8 will be able utilize more than one core on the CPU chip there supporting present generation dual core and quad core processors from snapdragon.

Now Qualcomm today officially declared that the upcoming Windows Phone 8 based smartphones from Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Huawei will be powered by their S4 chipset which feature dual ‘Krait’ cores. This is the same chipset which is used in Galaxy S3 also (US version only).

The graphics on this chipset will be handled by latest Adreno 225. Adreno 225 will be able to play DirectX based 3D games and also supports Full HD video capturing. Not only this, because of the S4 chipset Windows phone from now onwards will be able to use high resolution HD displays also which is not possible in Windows Phone 7.5.

Another important feature of this chipset that it supports 4G or LTE signal. It has a 4G or LTE modem built on to it which will enable smartphone to use LTE data service. But this will not be compatible with upcoming 4G service in India. This is because in US they use FD LTE technique for providing LTE service which is compatible with this chipset but here in India operators rely on TD LTE technoque for providing 4G service.

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Updated for 2012: Which graphic card to choose for your computer?

As you all know that the two top graphic chip manufacturers are Nvidia and AMD. Both are fighting neck to neck for winning the best GPU award in almost every category. Nvidia is present in this category from the start of the GPU era but AMD on the other forays into the GPU market after acquiring ATI. Let us leave this history behind and go straight to some useful discussion.

Choosing a graphic is definitely a very confusing task now a days. A low level or HTPC based GPU from both these chipmakers start from as low as Rs. 1,500 and can go as high as Rs. 65,000 for dual GPU high end cards. Your need and budget will be the deciding factor in choosing your first GPU.

Also note that there are some performance difference between the present ultra high end cards from Nvidia and AMD with Nvidia having the upper edge. But the performance difference is not that high that you will go into depression that you have purchased a AMD card. Also previously AMD was known for low price and low power consumption and Nvidia on the other hand is known for high power consumption and more performance . But today scenario is same for AMD but Nvidia has lowered the TDP value of its present generation Kepler based graphic cards thereby snatching a market share from market from AMD in the form of customers who usually go low power consumption cards.

Budget is the next big thing. The amount of money you want to spend on GPU is really a deciding factor. If you have spend 20,000+ rupees on a GPU to watch just full HD movies than this is a sheer wastage of money. You can do the same thing with a Rs.1,500 GPU also.

List of best graphic cards as according to the budget are listed below:

If budget is up to Rs. 5,000

There are plethora of options in this price range from both AMD and Nvidia.

For watching movies and general entertainment my recommendation is Sapphire HD 6450 for Rs. 1,800. This card is beat for watching Full HD movies and is also compatible with Windows 7.

For playing games at low or medium setting at low resolution my recommendation would be Sapphire HD 6470 for Rs. 4,700.

If budget is up to Rs. 10,000

For a low end car in this category my recommendation would be Sapphire HD 6770 for Rs. 6,500. This card is one of the best mid range GPU out there that can play many games at mid to high settings at a decent resolution.

For a high end card in this price range go for Sapphire HD 6580 for Rs. 9,000. This card is definitely a serious performer and can play games at high to ultra settings.

If budget is up to Rs. 15,000

For a low end card in this category go with Sapphire HD 6870 for Rs. 11,000. This card is one step below from 6950 but packs some serious power. It can flawlessly play most of the modern games out there at ultra settings except few.

For a high end GPU in this category go with Asus GTX 560 Ti DC 2 for Rs. 14,000. This card matches AMD 6950 in performance but comes at a lower price tag than 6950.

If some dealer is giving you AMD 6950 from any brand including HIS, Sapphire, MSI or Asus for less than Rs. 15,000 than blindly go for it. It is definitely a great card from AMD and you will not get wrong with it.

If budget is up to Rs. 20,000

For a low end car in this category go with Sapphire HD 6950 for Rs. 16,000.

For a high end card go with Asus or MSI Nvidia GTX 570 for Rs. 20,000 or AMD Sapphire HD 7850 a new generation 22nm based GPU for Rs. 17,500.

If the budget is up to Rs. 30,000

For low end GPU in this category go for Sapphire HD 7870 for Rs. 22,500. It is a new generation GPU based on 22nm architecture.

For a high end card in this category go for Sapphire HD 7950 for Rs. 26,000. A solid card with lot of VRAM for smooth experience.

If the budget is up to Rs. 40,000

The only recommended GPU in this category is from Nvidia that is GTX 680 which is based on latest Nvidia architecture named Kepler. Nvidia GTX 680 beats similarly priced AMD 7970 by a decent margin side by side consuming less power than a 7970 which is a great accomplishment by Nvidia in terms of power efficiency. Asus GTX 680 is what i recommend in this price range which is available at a price range of Rs. 33,000.

Ultra High End Dual GPU cards

This is the most expensive category and is recommended only for hard core gamers and animation enthusiasts. The only card from 22nm generation available in this category is from Nvidia that is GTX 690 which basically has two GTX 680 chips integrated on a single board. The competitor card from AMD in this category is yet to be launched and will be called as AMD 7990. AMD 7990 is presently not available in the market and also GTX 690 is available in very limited quantities. Asus launched GTX 690 in India at a massive price tag of Rs. 71,000. Now it must be lower than that but no shopkeeper whom i know is presently have the stock of this behemoth.

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