Confirmed: Asus to manufacture 199 $ tablet for Google

nexus 7As per the various leaks and rumours going around the web world that Google will soon launch their Nexus branded tablet into the already saturated tablet market. the rumoured name of the tablet is Nexus 7. It was previously rumoured that Asus will manufacture the tablet for Google but now it is confirmed from Asus side also.

Nexus 7 is the latest gadget from the Nexus series by Google but it will be the first tablet to be launched under the Nexus brand. Nexus 7 boasts 7 inch HD display and will be powered by industry proven Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset. Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset features the ARM based quad core CPU at 1.5 GHz and features Geforce graphics. This is the same chipset which powers the most Asus Transformer Prime also. Asus Transformer Prime is the tablet from Asus and is known for its raw power. It is also rumoured that Google Nexus 7 will feature 1 GB of RAM which is more as compared to Kindle Fire and Apple iPad.

Will it be successful ?

The news about the launch of the Nexus came just few days after Microsoft launched their Surface series of tablets powered by Windows 8 OS. As per the reviewers and analysts, the screen size of Nexus 7 is one of the major concern which will make it a weak competitor against Galaxy Tab from Samsung and Apple’s iPad. But as per the reports Google is targeting Amazon’s Kindle series of tablets which occupies 54% of market share of Android tablets in USA.

Size is small but this is not the main point here. The main point here is it 199 $ price tag which will rip apart any competition. If Google decided to price their Nexus 7 tablet at 199 $ with the above specs than it will definitely go mainstream beating out any tablet already available in the market.

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Sales of Samsung Tablet 10.1 banned in USA

As according to the latest reports the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was temporarily banned in USA. This decision was delivered by a California Judge indicating that Samsung is flooding the market with infringed products.

According to Samsung they were shocked by the decision of the court and said that they will do their best to deliver technologically advanced products to consumers in USA.

Also in future if this injunction is found to be incorrect than Apple will have to pay 2.6 million $ bond to Samsung for compensating their loss in sales.

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Samsung unable to cope with huge demand of Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 10 millionSamsung’s much acclaimed recent launch of their flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone is getting good response worldwide and because of this popularity and hype Samsung is unable to cope with massive demand of Galaxy S3. Because of this huge demand Samsung will miss out the sales of about 2 million Galaxy S3 smartphones.

Samsung is expected to to ship 10 million Galaxy S3 within two months. The reason for this huge demand can be contributed to the fact that there is no competition from Apple. Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone later this year. There are some launches from Nokia and Motorola but they are not good enough to beat Galaxy S3.

Presently the main competitor of Galaxy S3 are listed below:

  • iPhone 4s at Rs. 42,000 is one of the costliest phone available in India presently. Though its from Apple’s stable but it stands no where near the might of Galaxy S3. Starting from specifications to quality of the build Galaxy S3 mauls iPhone 4s brutally.
  • HTC One X at Rs. 36,000 is one of the major competitor to Galaxy S3 as it also features a quad core processor like Galaxy S3. But it never gets the same popularity as Galaxy S3 because of the massive amount of technical glitches this phone is facing presently like random reboot. Another reason can be attributed to the fact that no smartphone from HTC is as popular as Samsung’s Galaxy S2 which can give push to their future releases.
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Upcoming: 200 $ Nexus tablet from Google

Google wants to foray itself into the tablet market by launching its own Nexus branded tablet tomorrow in the company’s developer conference to be held in California.

This rumoured upcoming tablet from Google is expected to be called Nexus 7. Nexus 7 as per the rumours will be manufactured by Asus for Google.

nexus tablet

Features and rumoured specifications:

This new tablet will use Android ICS 4.1 (codenamed Jelly Bean) as its main operating system. The screen size will be 7 inch and it will feature Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset with 1.3 GHz quad core CPU. If the leaks or rumours are to be believed than this tablet will feature 1 GB RAM which is more as compared to apple iPad and Kindle Fire. It will also have a 1.2 MP secondary camera for video recording. It will be available in two models 8 GB/ 16 GB depending upon the internal storage.


This new Nexus tablet from Google will face competition manly from Apple’s iPad. Though if one decides on the basis of specifications than Nexus 7 will easily maul away iPad. But iPad’s strength is not in its specifications but instead its main strength is in the availability of apps for its operating system IOS. IOS app store has vast variety of applications designed specifically for iPad but on the other Google does not reveal if there are any apps designed specifically for Android Tablets on Android market.

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Dell launched new Ultrabook XPS 14 in India at Rs. 82,990

Dell India has recently added one more Ultrabook to their portfolio. The all new XPS 14 is the name of the new Ultrabook by Dell which is available online at a massive price tag of Rs. 82,990. There will be various models that will be available in XPS 14 series. All the models available in this series will be powered by the latest 3rd generation based Core i5 and Core i5 Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

xps 14


This new Ultrabook from Dell is different from their previous offering that is XPS 13 in terms of screen size and processor. The new Ultrabook XPS 14 will feature a 14 inch HD display and is powered by Intel Ivy Bridge based processors. These new generation processors from Intel are based on 22nm and hence consumes less power and subsequently longer battery life which is one of the most important feature required for an Ultrabook.

General specs of this series are listed below in tabular format:

CPU Intel Ivy Bridge based Core i5 and Core i7 processors
CPU Variant ( Core i5 ) Intel Core i5 3317U
3M L3 Cache
2.6 GHz Turbo Boost
CPU Variant ( Core i7 ) NA
GPU Nvidia 630M chip with Optimus Technology
Video RAM 1 GB GDDR5
RAM 4G DDR3 @ 1333 MHz
can be upgraded to 8 GB
Display Size 14 Inch
Display Features HD+ Display ( 720P )
with LED backlight
Hard Disk 500 GB @ 5400 RPM
One optional 32 GB SSD can be added to the system at extra cost
External Body Machined Aluminium with Silicon as a base
Ports USB 3.0 x 1
HDMI x 1
mini Display Port x 1
LAN port x 1
SD card reader x1
Headset x1
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi a/g/n standard
Battery Li-Po ( Lithium- Polymer ) based 8 cell battery with a claimed battery life of 10 hours on full recharge
Web Cam 1.3 MP
Price Starting at Rs. 82,990
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