Google released Chrome web browser and Google Drive for Apple IOS and MAC operating systems

Google Chrome as you already know is one of the most popular web browser for Windows OS but it has no presents in the Apple world and hence for IOS and MAC operating systems there is one browser and that is Apple Safari.

But Google want to finish this monopoly of Apple Safari and has recently announced the release of Chrome web browser for IOS and MAC operating systems from Apple at their annual developer conference.

Even after the launch of Google Chrome for Apple’s OS , Safari will remain as the default web browser and Chrome has to rely on Safari for its core working.

One of the main feature this new Chrome web browser is the ability to sync the web data of the browser across multiple Apple OS devices which includes Macbooks, iPhone and iPad. This means that if you leave your web browsing in your MacBook at your home than you can resume the same session on your iPhone’s Chrome browser in your office without typing or remembering the websites which you want to visit.

Google not only launched Chrome web browser for Apple OS but also announced the availability of Google Drive for Apple IOS and MAC operating systems in order to compete with Apple’s and Microsoft’s cloud services. Google Drive is similar to already available online storage services such as Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive which allows users to store files on the company’s servers and the same files will be available for access through any Internet connected device.

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Samsung to launch their first projector phone Galaxy Beam

Samsung India e store is now taking pre orders for the upcoming Android based projector smartphone Galaxy Beam. Galaxy Beam is the Samsung’s first projector phone and it will be interesting to get a hands on review of this new upcoming smartphone. The pre order price is kept at Rs. 29,900 which i think is quite high because the core specs of this phone are in no way better than Galaxy S3 or Sony Xperia S which are also available in this same price range.

galaxy beam

Projector on this phone is one of its main feature. It will be able to project videos and photos on big screens up to 50 inch. Other specs are listed below:

CPU 1 GHz Dual Core
Display 4 inch TFT (WVGA)
Primary camera 5 MP
RAM 768 MB
Internal Storage 8 GB
Micro SD slot Availablr
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Cheapest laptop in India Icon 1100 launched by ACi

If you are a computer geek than you must be observing that there are vast variety of tablet computers available in market today ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000. Cheap tablets are basically launched to replace laptops and netbooks as they are usually more expensive than low end tablets. Laptops usually offer more specs but tablet offers more portability and battery life.

To compete with the low end tablets like Micromax Funbook, ACi launched a Rs 5,000 laptop in India. Well it cannot be called a laptop instead it is more resembled to a netbook than to a notebook but ACi is marketing it as a Laptop or Notebook. Here i am attaching the image of this netbook.

aci cheapest laptop


Well from the look it is definitely looks like it is made up of cheap quality but what more can be expected at this price range. You are getting a laptop which can run Windows XP flawlessly.


It is definitely a weak laptop as far as performance is concerned. Following are the specs of this baby:

CPU VIA CPU and Motherboard
RAM 512 MB
Can be upgraded to 1 GB
Display LCD
Resolution 1024 X 768
Internal Storage 4GB
Can be upgraded to 32 GB
Ports USB 2.0 x 2
LAN Port x 1
SD Card reader x1
Wi-Fi Available
Web Cam Available
Warranty Period 12 Months
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Apple announced the opening of iTunes store in 12 Asian countries

Apple iTunes store is now available in 12 Asian countries which includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei,Cambodia, Thailand and Macau. With the launch of native online Apple iTunes stores in these countries Apple diverse its presence in the World.

Previously if someone from these countries want to buy songs or albums via iTunes store than they can do so only by purchasing so called iTunes gift cards from USA and use them on the official store. But with the launch of native online store, people from these countries can now use their local credit or debit cards to purchase the content from iTunes store.

It is also expected that the prices of songs and album on iTunes stores of these countries will be lower than that of USA. The price of a full Album in these new iTunes stores will range from 7.5$ to 10$ and price per song will be 1$ which is lower as compared to 1.29$ in USA.

Not launched in India

Apple excluded India from its list of launching native iTunes store in Asia. Well exact reason for this exclusion is still not clear but according to analysts due to licensing and piracy issues Apple excluded India from this launch.

But wait a minute India already have an album and song downloading service. Well if you don’t know than you must see Flipkart’s Flyte online music store which offers vast variety of songs from different languages a very affordable rate. Normal rate for downloading a song from Flyte music store ranges from Rs. 9 to Rs. 15 which is far lower than the price per song in Apple’s iTunes store.

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When will Google launch Nexus 7 tablet in India?

Google has ultimately launched their first Nexus branded tablet at the annual I/O conference held in California yesterday. The name of the tablet will be Nexus 7 and will have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as its main OS. The most interesting point about Nexus 7 is its low price and more feature. At 199$ Nexus 7 has a full blown Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset with stunning graphics which is not at all available in this price range. It also have 1 GB of RAM as compared to 512 MB in most of the tablets out there in this price range.

But the main question here is about the availability of Google Nexus 7. As according to official source, Google Nexus 7 will initially be launched only in 3 countries namely USA, Canada and Australia. Pricing in Australia will be slightly different as compared to USA based pricing. It will be priced at 250 $ in Australia which is 50 $ more than its price tag in USA.

Most of the times pricing in Australia is similar to pricing in India. If that is to be believed than Nexus 7 will be priced at Rs. 14,500 in our country. But the exact date of launch is still not clear. It is also possible that Google altogether drop the plan of launching this tablet in Indian market.

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