Adobe to stop offering Flash player for Android OS

Adobe must be angry with the fact that the latest Google Chrome browser for Android ICS 4.0 will not support Flash player. Also the Google Chrome is the default browser for ICS 4.0 OS and now as a result of this Adobe announced that from coming 15th of August they will stop offering the downloads of Flash Player app for Android on Google Play Store.

The Flash player application will be available for download on Google Play store up till 15th of August. After that they will remove the application from the store. Adobe has also recommended Android users to delete the Flash player app from their mobiles before upgrading to the latest Android version that is either ICS 4.0 or Jelly Bean 4.1 as the app will create problem in the new version of Android due to incompatibility.

Adobe has also announced that those users who have Flash player app installed on their older version Android phones will continue to receive security and bug fixes even after 15th August.

Support for the Flash player on the Android was one of the key feature which has helped Android OS in gaining all around popularity and also distinguishes Android from Apple’s IOS because Apple is always against the use of Flash player in smartphones due to the excessive drainage of battery by Flash player app. But that particular era is now over.

The main reason for the kicking of Flash technology from Android is the advancements which are taking place in the field of HTML 5. HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML which supports the playing of native media content without the need of a dedicated player like Flash. HTML 5 is still under development and is not yet fully supported by all web browsers but sooner or later HTML 5 is bound to become the next major internet revolution.

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Microsoft to expand Windows 8 Marketplace to more countries

Microsoft has recently announced the launch of their latest mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 which will replace the present generation Windows Phone 7. Windows 8 Phone will feature some serious improvements over its 7th version which includes support for dual core chips, NFC and making the development of apps or software easy for the 8th version because the new Windows Phone 8 shares the core with the desktop edition of Windows 8.

Today Microsoft announced the expansion of their Windows Mobile marketplace to over 180 countries. initially it was available in very few countries and because of this Windows Phone OS never gets successful. This will include the launch of both App Hub and App Marketplace to more countries.

Developer from these countries can now be able to submit their apps to the Windows Phone 8 marketplace and consumers from now onwards will be able to download or purchase apps from this new Windows Marketplace.

The full list of countries are given in the image below:

list of countries with new microsoft marketplace

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What is Google Compute Engine?

Google on the 2nd day of their annual developer conference announce the availability of the so called Compute Engine to businesses around the world.

Google’s Compute Engine will allow different businesses around the world to run their Linux based applications in virtual environment on Google’s own datacentres at a nominal price. These will be the same datacentres that power Google and its different products.

According to Google, if businesses decide to go with their Compute Engine than they can get up to 50% of extra computing power as compared to their leading competitor’s.

One of the leading competitor to Google’s compute engine is Amazon’s Web Services which is already in service for more than 10 years. Google opened their data centres for developers in 2008 when they have allowed developers to use their servers to analyse and test applications.

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Confirmed: Crashing and freezing of MacBook Air is due to new Chrome web browser

The all new Google Chrome Web browser has now became the most popular app in both the Apple IOS and MAC OS app stores but many users of the new MacBook Air are complaining of freezing and crashing of their computers which according to them is because of the newly launched Chrome browser.

It is now confirmed from Google side that Chrome browser is responsible for this unstable behaviour of new MacBook Air. Not only this, Google also confirms that it is limited to new MacBook Air only and other MacBooks are not effected by this bug. This effects only those MacBooks which are running on latest Intel Ivy bridge CPU with Intel HD 4000 graphic chips. It is mainly due to graphic leak problem as explained by Google which effects only Intel HD 4000 based CPU’s only.

In an interview to Gizmodo, Google employee said that they have already filed for the bug “Kernel Panic Trigger” with the Apple because according to them it is not possible for an application to cause this type of problem. Bug number assigned to this problem is 11762608.

To solve this problem on temporary basis, Google disables the GPU Acceleration feature on new MacBook Air via an automatic update.

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Just launched Google Chrome browser hits the top in both Apple IOS and MAC app stores of India and US

Google Chrome has now become the most popular application on both Apple IOS and MAC app stores of US, India and some other countries.

This happens just few hours after Google announced the availability of Chrome Web browser for MAC OS and IOS devices on the second day of their developers conference.

This happens in spite of the fact that Google officially accepts that Google Chrome is responsible for the crashing of MAC OS based MacBooks.

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