My horrible experience with 1and1

say no to 1and1As far as the size of the company is concerned then 1and1 is definitely one of the biggest web hosting and domain registrar company out there. They are big not only in terms of volume of active customers but also in the number of horrible experiences people have with them.

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Google goes the Yahoo way by allowing users to send to SMS via Google Chat

gmail smsThis is definitely a very good news for all Gmail users from India. From now onwards Google users from India will be able to send SMS (Short Messaging Service) to an Indian mobile phone from their Google Account.

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Demand exceeds inventory in case of Nexus 7

Android Jelly Bean powered Nexus 7 tablet from Google is getting good response from the end users. This can easily be proved from the fact that it is presently out of stock at most of the major online and offline retailers in USA.

Online retailer GameStop removes the product from their website and is now waiting for more inventory so as to keep it up with the sales and to complete the pre orders.

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Cheap Enterprise Desktop PC from Lenovo: Are they really worth the price tag ?

Lenovo has recently launched two M series models of Enterprise Desktop PC in India. The name of the models are M72e and M92p. Their pricing starts from Rs. 23,500 which according to Lenovo will help their company to capture more PC market in India.

Lenovo also claims that these new models are the worlds smallest Desktop PC ever launched by any PC manufacturer. Because of their small size and low cost, it will definitely be a hit among the small to midsize businesses.

Presently these two models are not listed on Lenovo’s official website so we cannot comment on the hardware components of these new Desktop PC but at this price one can accurately guess that the CPU will be either low cost APU from AMD or G620 Sandy Bridge from Intel.

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Apple to launch a smaller and cheaper version of iPad

  • There is no doubt in accepting the fact that Apple is facing stiff competition from Android in the tablet market.
  • Now after the announcement of new 199 $ Nexus tablet from Google last week is the latest threat to supremacy of Apple iPad.
  • Apple iPad is the most popular tablet till date. In spite of its high price and the availability of large variety of low priced Android tablets cannot decrease the popularity of iPad.
  • But after the announcement of low priced Nexus tablet that too from a respected company like Google will definitely be a danger for the popularity of iPad.
  • Now after the announcement of Nexus tablet , Apple indicates to launch a low priced version of their iPad to compete with low end Android tablet.
  • The new low cost version from Apple  is expected to be called iPad mini.
  • The new iPad mini is expected to feature a 7.85 inch screen which is smaller as compared to 9.7 inch iPad. Also this new iPad will not feature a HD display.
  • Expected cost of this new tablet is 299 $. According to many analysts, at this price Apple can hurt the sales of low end Android tablet market.
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