Nokia will adopt Android if Windows Phone 8 flops

  • Nokia is one of the worlds largest mobile manufacturer and no body can deny this fact.
  • But after the launch of IOS and Android based smartphones, Nokia faces some tough competition from these operating systems.
  • At the end Nokia’s Symbian OS was unable to compete with the Android and Apple’s IOS operating systems and this forces Finnish giant to go with Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. This is really a turning point for Nokia and fortunately this deal proves to be a successful one for Nokia as their Lumia series gets a good response from the consumers and end users.
  • But still Windows Phone based smartphones are unable to compete with IOS and Android smartphones due to various reasons.
  • Now as you all know that Microsoft has already announced the launch of Windows Phone 8 OS and Nokia is one of the first mobile manufacturer to release their Lumia series smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows Phone 8 solves most of the problems present with Windows Phone 7 and adds some serious improvements so that it can compete with Android and IOS.
  • In the latest development Risto Siilasmaa who is one of the member of Board of Directors of Nokia reveals in an interview to Finnish TV that Nokia will adopt Android OS if Windows Phone 8 flops. This according to Risto is known as plan B. He also said that as per the latest stats and reports there is no need for the execution of Plan B at all.
  • How much is the truth in Risto’s information, no one can know but at same time Nokia is bound to Microsoft because of certain clauses which can restrict Nokia to go the Android way.
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Microsoft reveals upgrade plan for Windows 8

  • Windows 8 as you know will be successor to Microsoft’s Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 is most popular operating system from Microsoft after the huge success of their XP operating system.
  • Microsoft’s Windows Vista which was released after Windows XP proves to be a major disaster for Microsoft. Vista’s slow performance and high hardware requirements are the main reasons for its flop. And for this particular reason Microsoft offered discounts and free upgrade to Windows Vista users so that they can update their OS to Windows 7 which is quite stable and have less hardware requirements.
  • Now Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 which will based on so called Metro user interface. Will it be a success or not ? Only time can answer that question but initial discussions going around in the web world indicates that a general user is not at interested in upgrading from Windows 7 as they find interface of Windows 7 much better than Metro UI of Windows 8. Some are even saying that changing from Windows 7 to Windows 8 will actually be a downgrade not upgrade. Most of the users are angry with the fact that Microsoft killed their beloved “Start” button in Windows 8.
  • But nevertheless Microsoft reveals the upgrade plans for Windows 8 for those who like Metro UI.
  • Users who are running Windows XP, Vista and 7 can upgrade to Windows 8 for 39.99 $. This is a promotional offer which will end on 31st January, 2013.
  • After purchasing this upgrade option users can download Upgrade Assistant from and use it to upgrade their PC to Windows 8.
  • Upgrading From Windows 7 is the most easy one as all the settings will be preserved.
  • Upgrading from Windows XP will be a difficult process as you will lost everything except for files.
  • Users can also do a clean install. For this users can download the ISO of Windows 8 and burn it to a DVD and from this DVD users can install Windows 8 during the booting process.
  • If users don’t know how to burn a DVD or don’t want to do themselves than they can order the DVD from Microsoft at an extra cost of 15 $.
  • Consumers who are purchasing Windows 7 based laptops and desktops today can upgrade to Windows 8 for 15 $.
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Android and Apple IOS continue to rise in USA

Android and IOS undoubtedly are one of the mobile operating systems in the world today and their popularity continue to rise day by day. As per the latest data gathered by comScore survey both Android and IOS are witnessing explosive growth rate in USA. Here are the few points extracted from that report:

  1. There are approximately 110 million smartphone users in USA
  2. Out of 110 million 50.9% use Android OS based handset.
  3. 31.9% use Apple IOS based iPhone. There is rise of about 1.7 % in the market share of IOS.
  4. Users of Windows Phone based smartphones rise from 3.9% to 4.0%. Not a significant growth but still positive sign for Microsoft.
  5. RIM’s Blackberry is the only looser here. There market share dropped from 13.4% to 11.4%. Due to this RIM has to restructure their company by laying of its employees. There are also rumours that it will strike a deal with Microsoft to save RIM from becoming bankrupt.
  6. As far as the manufacturers are concerned than Samsung leads the list woth 25.7% market share followed by LG with 19.1%. Apple is ate their with a market share of 15%.
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What are the new features in Android Jelly Bean?

android jelly beanAs you all know that Google has recently released the next major release of Android operating system in the form of Android Jelly bean 4.1 which can be considered as the successor to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. Even after the launch of Jelly Bean version of Android, Gingerbread is still the most dominated version of Android till date.Up till now only 7% of the Android based smartphones use ICS 4.0 and majority of the smartphones are still on Gingerbread.

This low adoption of ICS 4.0 can be attributed to the fact that the new versions of Android requires more processing power and memory which is not present in low end Android based smartphones which forms the majority of Android market share.

Google brings some new features in the Jelly bean but still according to me Jelly Bean is just a minor update to ICS.

  1. Google has made some changes to core of the operating systems by increasing the overall system frame rate to 60 FPS. They have also included Vsync which will help in improving the overall response of the touch screen.
  2. Google has also introduced some improvements to their voice typing engine. Earlier one have to download the app and database from Android market to enable Voice Typing but in Jelly Bean 4.1 it will be integrated to the very core of the system there by making it smaller in size and more efficient. The integrated Voice Typing engine in Jelly bean does not require an active internet connection for its working. It can work in offline mode also. Voice detection is also improved as compared to older version.
  3. Jelly Bean now supports Braille which will help blind users.
  4. Default camera application for Jelly Bean is also improved greatly. Features such as easy deletion of the images and wireless sharing over NFC is now present.
  5. There are some improvements in field of Notification also. In Jelly Bean one can perform basic tasks or operations from the Notification panel itself without going into the application.
  6. In Jelly Bean update Google introduced Voice Search which will rival Apple Siri. Voice Search functionality in Jelly Bean will be able to understand speech commands from the user and produce the results as accordingly.
  7. Google had also introduced a new app or you can call it a core functionality known as Google Now for Android Jelly Bean OS. Google Now will basically present before you different suggestions based on your previous activities like search, your geographical location and other. It is definitely one of the cool feature in Android Jelly Bean.
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How to compile C++ programs using Microsoft Visual Studio?

If you are an engineering student than you should be searching for a good compiler to compile you C++ programs on latest edition of Windows OS. Your college must have asked you to install Turbo C++ on your computer in order to practice your home work but Turbo C++ is now an age old compiler and is not recommended for latest editions of Windows operating systems.

But why use Turbo C++ when you have Visual Studio or its free avatar Visual C++ Express Edition to compile your C++  programs. Compiling your programs on Visual Studio can be a confusing task for first time users but nevertheless it is an easy one. Here are the steps which you should follow to compile your programs in Visual Studio:

1. Firstly you have to download Visual Studio from Microsoft’s official website. If your college is under their dreamspark program than you can get a free full copy of Visual Studio 2010 for learning purpose. But in case your college in not in their list than you can either download a 90 day trial copy of Visual Studio Professional edition from here or download free Visual C++ express edition from here


2. Now open Visual Studio by clicking on its icon. In the home window click on the File –> New –> Project

3. Now after this a windows will open which will ask you the type of the project. Here click on Win32 option under the Visual C++ category in the left sidebar.

4. After this click on the Win32 Console Application in the right side of the same window and input a name and location in the fields given at the bottom of the window.

5. After this a Win32 Application Wizard window will open. Click next on this window. After clicking next, check the box besides the Empty Project option and then click Finish button at the bottom of the window.

6. Now right click on Source Files folder on the left side bar and click Add –> New Item –> C++ File (.cpp). Enter a name for the file in the box at the bottom and click Add button.

7. A new window will open after the above operation. This will be the editor window where you can type your C++ program. After typing you program click on the Debug option in the menu bar and then click Start Debugging option from the drop down menu. After clicking this option you will see the console window with your desired output and if there occurs any error while compiling than it will be notified in a new window.

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