Google Nexus tablet will be available in India in October, 2012

  • Google has recently forayed into the already saturated tablet market with its own Nexus branded tablet. The Nexus tablet will be manufactured by Asus and will be available at a price of just 199 $ in USA. This low price of this tablet is its main speciality. This price will be subsidized by Google as per the reports.
  • In an interview with TOI, Asus reveals that they will launch Nexus tablet in India in coming October, when they will have enough stock to counter the demand.
  • Official Indian pricing and other details will be revealed in September.

About Nexus Tablet

  • Nexus Tablet is the Google’s first attempt into the tablet market which is mostly dominated by Apple’s iPad.
  • Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire are those successful tablets which will be the main target of Google Nexus Tablet.
  • Google Nexus tablet is a 7 inch tablet and is powered by a top of the line Nvidia chipset Tegra 3.
  • Tegra 3 features a quad core processor and a Nvidia Geforce GPU which will power the tablets graphics.
  • it will have 1 GB of RAM and will be available in 2 models that is  with 8 GB and 16 GB of internal storage. 8 GB model will be available at 199 $ and 16 GB will be available at a price tag of 249$.
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Latest stats show Nokia is still strong in India

Nokia is definitely one of the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile phones but from the past few years their sales are witnessing a downward trend in both the categories of mobile phone that is simple phones and smartphones. Due to their strong network and years of presence in India, Nokia is still regarded as one of the best mobile manufacturer in India. Here are some of the information from latest stats compiled by CyberMedia Research.

  • Total sales of mobiles phones in India surpassed 50mllion dollar mark which is 9.1 per cent hike as compared to same time of previous year.
  • Nokia is still the market leader with 23 per cent of market share in the mobile phone market
  • Second position is with Samsung which enjoys a healthy market share of 14.1 per cent.
  • On third is our Indian company Micromax with a market share of 5.8 per cent.
  • Total smartphone sales in India as per the report is 2.7 million
  • In smartphones department Samsung leads the list with 40.4 per cent market share.
  • Nokia is on second with 25.5 per cent market share in smartphone sales.
  • RIM’s Blackberry is at third position with 12.3 per cent market share of the smartphone market in India.
  • Dual SIM phones are witnessing a explosive growth as 67.7 per cent of the total mobile phones sales consist of dual SIM phones.
  • 3G enabled phones stands at 4.7 million units
  • Smartphones sales is just 5.3 per cent of the total mobile phones sales
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Final Fantasy 3 now available on Android OS

  • Final Fantasy 3 as per the latest report is now available on Android.
  • FF 3 is one of the most popular Final Fantasy series game. It is basically a RPG game.

final fantasy 3 android

  • It was already available in IOS operating system
  • Square Enix, the studio behind FF3 has now launched the Android for a hefty price tag of 15.99 $.
  • At this price it is one of the most expensive game on the Google Play Store.
  • Japanese version for the same game was released in March, 2012
  • As far as requirements are concerned FF 3 will be able to run on Android 2.2 + devices only
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Nokia will adopt Android if Windows Phone 8 flops

  • Nokia is one of the worlds largest mobile manufacturer and no body can deny this fact.
  • But after the launch of IOS and Android based smartphones, Nokia faces some tough competition from these operating systems.
  • At the end Nokia’s Symbian OS was unable to compete with the Android and Apple’s IOS operating systems and this forces Finnish giant to go with Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. This is really a turning point for Nokia and fortunately this deal proves to be a successful one for Nokia as their Lumia series gets a good response from the consumers and end users.
  • But still Windows Phone based smartphones are unable to compete with IOS and Android smartphones due to various reasons.
  • Now as you all know that Microsoft has already announced the launch of Windows Phone 8 OS and Nokia is one of the first mobile manufacturer to release their Lumia series smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows Phone 8 solves most of the problems present with Windows Phone 7 and adds some serious improvements so that it can compete with Android and IOS.
  • In the latest development Risto Siilasmaa who is one of the member of Board of Directors of Nokia reveals in an interview to Finnish TV that Nokia will adopt Android OS if Windows Phone 8 flops. This according to Risto is known as plan B. He also said that as per the latest stats and reports there is no need for the execution of Plan B at all.
  • How much is the truth in Risto’s information, no one can know but at same time Nokia is bound to Microsoft because of certain clauses which can restrict Nokia to go the Android way.
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Microsoft reveals upgrade plan for Windows 8

  • Windows 8 as you know will be successor to Microsoft’s Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 is most popular operating system from Microsoft after the huge success of their XP operating system.
  • Microsoft’s Windows Vista which was released after Windows XP proves to be a major disaster for Microsoft. Vista’s slow performance and high hardware requirements are the main reasons for its flop. And for this particular reason Microsoft offered discounts and free upgrade to Windows Vista users so that they can update their OS to Windows 7 which is quite stable and have less hardware requirements.
  • Now Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 which will based on so called Metro user interface. Will it be a success or not ? Only time can answer that question but initial discussions going around in the web world indicates that a general user is not at interested in upgrading from Windows 7 as they find interface of Windows 7 much better than Metro UI of Windows 8. Some are even saying that changing from Windows 7 to Windows 8 will actually be a downgrade not upgrade. Most of the users are angry with the fact that Microsoft killed their beloved “Start” button in Windows 8.
  • But nevertheless Microsoft reveals the upgrade plans for Windows 8 for those who like Metro UI.
  • Users who are running Windows XP, Vista and 7 can upgrade to Windows 8 for 39.99 $. This is a promotional offer which will end on 31st January, 2013.
  • After purchasing this upgrade option users can download Upgrade Assistant from and use it to upgrade their PC to Windows 8.
  • Upgrading From Windows 7 is the most easy one as all the settings will be preserved.
  • Upgrading from Windows XP will be a difficult process as you will lost everything except for files.
  • Users can also do a clean install. For this users can download the ISO of Windows 8 and burn it to a DVD and from this DVD users can install Windows 8 during the booting process.
  • If users don’t know how to burn a DVD or don’t want to do themselves than they can order the DVD from Microsoft at an extra cost of 15 $.
  • Consumers who are purchasing Windows 7 based laptops and desktops today can upgrade to Windows 8 for 15 $.
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