HP reveals Quad Core G6-2010AX laptop to replace G6 2005AX

g62010axHP has recently reveals the successor to its most popular AMD Trinity based gaming laptop G6 2005AX. The new laptop will be named as G6-2010AX and will feature some of the premium hardware features.

HP G6-2010AX features a 1 TB hard disk as compared to 500GB hard disk present in G6-2005AX. The other improvement in G6-2010AX is that it features 6GB of DDR3 RAM as compared to 4GB in G6-2005AX. This will definitely give some marginal performance boost in some of the demanding games.

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Google reveals two new Nexus devices

nexus 10Just few days after the much hyped launch of the latest iPad mini by Apple, Google reveals the all new Nexus smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet on Monday. The launch of the new Nexus 10 tablet by Google directly indicates at the rivalry going among Google, Microsoft and Apple. All these companies have launched their respective tablets within the span of 1 week.

Now let us come to the all new Google Nexus devices which were just revealed by Google. The first device is a Nexus 4 smartphone.

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Everything you need to know about Windows 8

windows 8As you all know that Microsoft has recently unveiled its latest operating system which will be officially known as Windows 8. Windows 8 is the first operating system from Microsoft which focus more on touch enabled devices as compared to Personal Computers such as Laptops and Desktops. From a common sense point of view Microsoft was bound to follow this path as it is presently facing stiff competition in Smartphone and Tablet market from Apple and Google Android.

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What is LG Nexus 4 ?

lg nexus 4Well we also don’t have much information about this new Nexus device from LG. But still, we will be sharing some of the facts which we know about this yet to be launched device here in this article. As per the rumours going around in the web world, this new device is code named ‘Mako’.

In the latest rumour, LG Nexus 4 gets benchmarked by using GLBenchmark. The results of the benchmark was definitely astonishing one. According to the rumour, LG Nexus 4 will be one of the world’s fastest smartphone.

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