Nvidia’s latest GPU driver 397.31 marks the end for Fermi architecture graphic cards

All of you who have Nvidia graphic cards must have got the pop up in you right bottom of your PC’s indicating the release of latest GPU drivers. Nvidia and AMD both are now focusing on the release of their game ready drivers as soon a big title gets released. The version for the recently launched driver is 397.31 and they WHQL certified. This driver particularly targets the newest titles that is Frostpunk and Battletech.

imageThese latest drivers also results in the increase of SLI performance for some of the titles like Far Cry5, Warhammer. With the release of this driver, Nvidia’s RTX ray tracing technology sees the light of the day. Ray tracing is a fancy term which is normally used in the context of computer graphics rendering. RTX technology which will be available with this driver is nothing but a library that game developers can use to implement ray tracing in video games resulting in the overall improvement of graphics. The sad part is that it will only be available for Volta based GPU’s. AMD’s alternative to RTX is already available in the form Vulkan 1.1 API. This means that Nvidia is little late to this game.

But the major part of this release is that Nvidia from this driver onwards ended the support for 32-bit OS (Operating Systems) and also it will not be releasing latest drivers for Fermi based graphic cards.

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