Nokia will adopt Android if Windows Phone 8 flops

  • Nokia is one of the worlds largest mobile manufacturer and no body can deny this fact.
  • But after the launch of IOS and Android based smartphones, Nokia faces some tough competition from these operating systems.
  • At the end Nokia’s Symbian OS was unable to compete with the Android and Apple’s IOS operating systems and this forces Finnish giant to go with Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. This is really a turning point for Nokia and fortunately this deal proves to be a successful one for Nokia as their Lumia series gets a good response from the consumers and end users.
  • But still Windows Phone based smartphones are unable to compete with IOS and Android smartphones due to various reasons.
  • Now as you all know that Microsoft has already announced the launch of Windows Phone 8 OS and Nokia is one of the first mobile manufacturer to release their Lumia series smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows Phone 8 solves most of the problems present with Windows Phone 7 and adds some serious improvements so that it can compete with Android and IOS.
  • In the latest development Risto Siilasmaa who is one of the member of Board of Directors of Nokia reveals in an interview to Finnish TV that Nokia will adopt Android OS if Windows Phone 8 flops. This according to Risto is known as plan B. He also said that as per the latest stats and reports there is no need for the execution of Plan B at all.
  • How much is the truth in Risto’s information, no one can know but at same time Nokia is bound to Microsoft because of certain clauses which can restrict Nokia to go the Android way.