What are the new features in Android Jelly Bean?

android jelly beanAs you all know that Google has recently released the next major release of Android operating system in the form of Android Jelly bean 4.1 which can be considered as the successor to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. Even after the launch of Jelly Bean version of Android, Gingerbread is still the most dominated version of Android till date.Up till now only 7% of the Android based smartphones use ICS 4.0 and majority of the smartphones are still on Gingerbread.

This low adoption of ICS 4.0 can be attributed to the fact that the new versions of Android requires more processing power and memory which is not present in low end Android based smartphones which forms the majority of Android market share.

Google brings some new features in the Jelly bean but still according to me Jelly Bean is just a minor update to ICS.

  1. Google has made some changes to core of the operating systems by increasing the overall system frame rate to 60 FPS. They have also included Vsync which will help in improving the overall response of the touch screen.
  2. Google has also introduced some improvements to their voice typing engine. Earlier one have to download the app and database from Android market to enable Voice Typing but in Jelly Bean 4.1 it will be integrated to the very core of the system there by making it smaller in size and more efficient. The integrated Voice Typing engine in Jelly bean does not require an active internet connection for its working. It can work in offline mode also. Voice detection is also improved as compared to older version.
  3. Jelly Bean now supports Braille which will help blind users.
  4. Default camera application for Jelly Bean is also improved greatly. Features such as easy deletion of the images and wireless sharing over NFC is now present.
  5. There are some improvements in field of Notification also. In Jelly Bean one can perform basic tasks or operations from the Notification panel itself without going into the application.
  6. In Jelly Bean update Google introduced Voice Search which will rival Apple Siri. Voice Search functionality in Jelly Bean will be able to understand speech commands from the user and produce the results as accordingly.
  7. Google had also introduced a new app or you can call it a core functionality known as Google Now for Android Jelly Bean OS. Google Now will basically present before you different suggestions based on your previous activities like search, your geographical location and other. It is definitely one of the cool feature in Android Jelly Bean.