Microsoft to release next windows 10 update on 30th April, 2018

Microsoft is now completely focused on stabilizing their flagship operating system Windows 10. Because of this fact they are releasing a big patch for Windows 10 on 30th April. As announced earlier by Microsoft there will be 2 major release u[dates for Windows 10 every year. This system of updating Windows is sometimes also known as Windows as a Service.

imageThis update will bring some exciting features such as “Timeline”. Timeline is like a tracking system which will help you in remembering stuff which you were doing 30 days back with Microsoft ecosystem of Windows desktop and their Android and iOS based utilities like Microsoft edge.

It will also include feature called as Focus Assist. This is again something unique to Windows 10. With Focus Assist system will not disturb you with spammy notifications and instead collate the important one for you.

The new update will also include features and utilities for enterprise users. An update to their favorite browser Edge will also be there.

So is your system ready for the next update? Mine is ready.

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