Microsoft reveals upgrade plan for Windows 8

  • Windows 8 as you know will be successor to Microsoft’s Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 is most popular operating system from Microsoft after the huge success of their XP operating system.
  • Microsoft’s Windows Vista which was released after Windows XP proves to be a major disaster for Microsoft. Vista’s slow performance and high hardware requirements are the main reasons for its flop. And for this particular reason Microsoft offered discounts and free upgrade to Windows Vista users so that they can update their OS to Windows 7 which is quite stable and have less hardware requirements.
  • Now Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 which will based on so called Metro user interface. Will it be a success or not ? Only time can answer that question but initial discussions going around in the web world indicates that a general user is not at interested in upgrading from Windows 7 as they find interface of Windows 7 much better than Metro UI of Windows 8. Some are even saying that changing from Windows 7 to Windows 8 will actually be a downgrade not upgrade. Most of the users are angry with the fact that Microsoft killed their beloved “Start” button in Windows 8.
  • But nevertheless Microsoft reveals the upgrade plans for Windows 8 for those who like Metro UI.
  • Users who are running Windows XP, Vista and 7 can upgrade to Windows 8 for 39.99 $. This is a promotional offer which will end on 31st January, 2013.
  • After purchasing this upgrade option users can download Upgrade Assistant from and use it to upgrade their PC to Windows 8.
  • Upgrading From Windows 7 is the most easy one as all the settings will be preserved.
  • Upgrading from Windows XP will be a difficult process as you will lost everything except for files.
  • Users can also do a clean install. For this users can download the ISO of Windows 8 and burn it to a DVD and from this DVD users can install Windows 8 during the booting process.
  • If users don’t know how to burn a DVD or don’t want to do themselves than they can order the DVD from Microsoft at an extra cost of 15 $.
  • Consumers who are purchasing Windows 7 based laptops and desktops today can upgrade to Windows 8 for 15 $.
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