MALI 450MP new Graphic architecture launched by ARM

ARM Holdings has launched the all new MALI 450MP Graphic chip architecture which will give two times the performance of the present generation MALI 400 MP. It will be used to power ARM based devices including latest tablets and televisions.

The power requirements is still unknown but if it is low than it will definitely be a boon for smartphones.

Some of the specifications of this new chip are listed below:

  • This new MALI GPU will be able to use 1 to 8 cores on a single chip
  • The L2 cache can range from 8 K to 512 K
  • Supports 16x of anti – aliasing
  • Die Size of 8.6 mm square when the L2 cache is 256 K
  • Provide multi sampling up to 4X
  • Clock speed varies from 240 MHz or 480 MHz
  • Performance includes drawing 104 million of triangles per second
  • Can process 3.8 giga pixels per 1 second @ 480 MHz
  • Supports resolution of 2048 and 4096 pixels
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