Madras High court ordered ISPs to unblock torrent and file sharing websites

You must have known about the news of the blocking of different file sharing and torrent websites by different ISPs throughout India after the so called John Doe order by the Tamil Nadu high court on the request of the the producer of the different films. Most of these films are Tamil based and among all of them the most predominate film is named “3”.

After this ban Anonymous, also known as Internet Hactivists brings down the websites of the government and of different ISP including MTNL using DDOS. Anonymous also had organized a peaceful protest throughout India against the censorship by the Indian government.

Now after the latest ruling from the Madras High court to all the ISPs that they should not block the entire websites and ISPs should unblock access to some of the trusted websites on the list which includes Vimeo (a video sharing site) and Pastebin (A code or document sharing website).

Court has also ordered to block only specific URL which are violating the rights of the copyright holders by using any means possible.

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