Intel and AMD on the same page: Launching a new Intel CPU with Radeon graphics

Intel and AMD for most of the time in the computing hardware industry were each others arch rivals. But I guess the times are changing now as  the rumor of a new Intel processor with Radeon graphics is going strong. A new chip named Intel Core i7-8809G is being co developed by Intel and AMD which will feature AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics.

This was made possible because of the Embedded Multi-Die interconnect Bridge(EMIB). Intel was working on this technology for quite a bit of time. The main reason for introducing such a line up is the fact that Intel’s own CPU have a weak Intel HD graphics which are not at all capable of playing video games at Full HD resolution and hence introducing Radeon GPU unit into their CPU seems to be the best thing for business. EMIB will also help Intel in using HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) with their new line of CPU’s.

Some of the specs of the newly introduced Core i7-8809G are as follows:

• Quad core CPU

• Hyper Threading with up to 8 threads

• TDP of 100 watt

• DDR4 memory channel support