Import duty on mobile phones raised from 1 percent to 6 percent

Well this is somewhat a late update to all mobile enthusiasts out there that Government of India has raised the import duty on the Rs. 2000 + mobile phones from 1 percent to 6 percent. This will definitely effects the price paid by an end user for Rs. 2000 + smartphones.

For smartphones under Rs. 10000 the price increase will be negligible but will be quite significant for high end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3.

According to Government they are performing this import hike so as to encourage local players to enter into lucrative arena of smartphones.

Now smartphone manufacturers have two option two handle this situation. One is to increase the end user price of smartphones and second is to keep the price of smartphones as it is without any change which can result in the lowering of profit for the company.

Arrogant companies like Blackberry who had recently launched BB 10 based smartphone ‘Z10’ in India believes that the hike in import duty will not effect the sale of their beloved smartphone and at the same time they are saying that users will have to pay more money for an already overpriced smartphone. Z10 is priced at Rs. 43,450 in India.

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