ICICI B2 account and Ewallet facts

Well most of the people out there have some sort confusion regarding the ICICI Bank’s B2 account service. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about B2 account.

  1. First fact is, that a B2 account is a completely online bank account and can be opened through online medium only and is available to customers in few cities only.
  2. You will not get any check book or pass book with this account. You will also not get any sort of physical statements or physical debit card with a B2 account.
  3. Money can be transferred to B2 account using two mediums. One is via ECS mandate. The step be step procedure to implement ECS facility is mentioned on B2 account. Other easy method is NEFT transfer from your another bank account with Internet Banking facility for some nominal charge.

Now let us come to the facts about Ewallet facility offered by B2 account to their customers:-

  1. Ewallet is a virtual credit card with FIXED credit card number and FIXED expiry date and FIXED CVV
  2. Ewallet can also be registered with ICICI Bank’s 3D secure service so that it can be used on those website which only accept 3D secure cards.
  3. Above two properties make the ICICI B2 Ewallet a very special virtual credit card as compared to HDFC Netsafe and Axis bank’s virtual card.
  4. Ewallet can be funded only from your B2 account and will have the credit limit equal to the amount funded from your B2 account to the Ewallet card.
  5. Now the amount from Ewallet card cannot be refunded back to your B2 account and the amount present in your Ewallet will not get any interest as per terms and conditions of ICICI bank. So fund your B2 account carefully!
  6. The minimum amount which can be funded to the Ewallet is Rs. 500.
  7. Ewallet can be used on any international website without any problems of transaction declining etc. which are usually associated with HDFC Netsafe and also there is no problem of 48 Hour expiration as present in HDFC Netsafe facility.

I hope that I have cleared some of your doubts regarding ICICI B2 account and Ewallet

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