Godaddy to raise the prices of .NET renewals to 8.67$ per year

In the latest move by worlds largest domain name registrar, Godaddy decided to raise the price of .NET renewals from standard 7.67$ to 8.67$ which is approximately 1 $ higher than the previous price.

This price increase from Godaddy can be seen as a sign that they have become more cautious towards the use of coupons by their customers. Earlier a 0.99 $ coupon can be used by anybody through the world but from now onwards these type of special coupons have certain geo restrictions in place so that customers from other countries are unable to use that particular coupon.

Previous month Godaddy announced the all messed up Groupon offer for their North American customers in which a customer will get 75$ in credits for a fixed price of 25$. This coupon is the main cause that Godaddy become aware of the faults in their couponing system.

During this “Godaddy and Groupon” offer many customers purchase multiple deals from Groupon by selecting different city every time to purchase the deal and utilize the credit with almighty 0.99$ coupons which prove to be a complete loss deal for Godaddy. After realizing this mistake, they started to cancel the credit for the multiple Groupon offers and allowed its customers to add just one coupon only.