Facing frequent problems with Reliance broadband

Reliance broadband is definitely one of the most lucrative ISP in India on paper. In fact they are the only ISP in India to provide a 2 Mbps connection for just Rs. 649 and a 4 Mbps connection for Rs. 1099. Both these plans are pure unlimited and there is no restriction downloading/uploading limit as imposed by other ISPs like BSNL and AirTel.

So this means that Reliance is the clear winner in this race between Indian ISPs. Well if you hear my situation then you will agree with me that whatever is the present condition of BSNL, it is still one of the best ISP of India.

Now let me narrate my story which clearly highlights the condition of Reliance in my location. I am presently on Rs. 649 plan which should give speed up to 2 Mbps but from past 1 month I am not getting any speed at all. Broadband is completely inactive and there is no light on the modem. Irrespective of complaining multiple times on their Toll Free number, they are unable to solve the issue and every time they give lame excuses like that the DLC box in my location is being shifted from one location to another. If you believe me then this is their normal answer every time there is elongated downtime in my area.

At last they resolve the problem of DLC box on 14th of this month and it worked for just 5 hours before going inactive again. I again called their lame CC and explained them my problem and instead of taking complaint they give me the reason that there is massive outage through India which will be resolved on 22nd of this month. So first DLC and now massive outage. Reliance is perfect in giving technical excuses for these type of downtimes

So my advice is that irrespective of the fact their plans look good on paper but in reality they are not good at all. Instead go with some other ISP like BSNL or AirTel.


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