Deals are pouring in for Geforce GTX 10 generation graphic cards

The Turing GPU architecture which was revealed by Nvidia earlier today resulted in some drastic drop in GPU prices here in India. Nvidia today announced the all new Turing architecture which will be powering its next generation of professional and gaming graphic chips. Turing architecture will be featuring some serious improvement over the Pascal architecture which was powering the GTX 10 generation cards form past 2 years.

So now regarding the price drop. I was particularly observing two of the website for online computer components ecommerce that is MD Computers and PRIME ABGB. The interesting thing that I have noticed is PRIME ABGB is offering ASUS GTX 1080ti Strix edition for just 69,000 rupees. Mind it, this card was the costliest among all the 1080ti’s from various AIB like MSI, EVGA or ZOTAC. It normally retails at 82,000 rupees but now can grab it for much lower.

We are expecting more prices to drop for Pascal series so as to make space for the new one. Earlier rumors were there that Nvidia wants Pascal series GPU’s to co exist with Turing series GPU’s. But again nothing is sure on that front. So grab it while you can as we are not really sure about the pricing of the next generation series at all. I hope they are within the range of existing one’s.

That’s it folks!