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Tata Sky to raise the price of both base channel packages and Multi TV connection fees

As you all know that Tata Sky is one of the India’s largest Satellite TV provider and is also one of the first to offer Satellite TV service in the country.

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Updated for 2012: Which graphic card to choose for your computer?

As you all know that the two top graphic chip manufacturers are Nvidia and AMD. Both are fighting neck to neck for winning the best GPU award in almost every category. Nvidia is present in this category from the start of the GPU era but AMD on the other forays into the GPU market after acquiring ATI. Let us leave this history behind and go straight to some useful discussion. Continue reading

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How to buy your first Laptop?

If you are in a market to purchase your first laptop than you will get immensely confused at the number of companies available in the market today. Not only companies, if you go one one level deep there is large variety of different hardware and software to choose from. So these many options will definitely make your shopping a confusing one. But here i am going to give you some tips on how to purchase laptops. Continue reading

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HDFC Netsafe vs. ICICI B2 Ewallet

Well you all might be aware of the benefits of using virtual credit card or also popularly known as VCC. If you don’t know about the VCC than click here to learn about it in depth. VCC is definitely the only alternative for those people who want to make payments online but do not want to buy a physical credit card for the same. This is the attitude of most of the Indians out there. As you also know that Indians cannot make international payment using their Indian debit cards as it is not valid internationally especially online irrespective of the fact that banks are claiming it as international or global card. Continue reading

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Secured credit cards in India demystified

If you are a student and wish to pay for your first domain and hosting on some international website than you will need a valid credit card to do so. You cannot pay using your normal debit card. In India most of the middle class families don’t have credit cards as they don’t need one but with rising trend of global payments and intangible shopping, credit card became a necessity. Continue reading

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