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Solution to Horizontal stripes moving upwards on a LCD or LED TV

LCD or LED based televisions are definitely one of the most important milestone on the history of television. They consume much less power as compared to ageing CRTs and not only this, LCD or LED television usually supports higher resolutions in the order of 1080p which is not supported by CRTs. Continue reading

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Mozilla to fill the gap, reveals browser named junior for Apple iPad

Mozilla is known for its Firefox which is presently the most popular browser for Windows OS. The only closest competitors to Firefox is Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Google Chrome. These both competitors have no plans to release their browsers for Apple IOS. But Mozilla had earlier shown some intentions on developing a browser for IOS but were they has never put that plan into real effect. Continue reading

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How to have a grid layout when extracting data from MYSQL instead of linear layout?

I really want to have this functionality in my upcoming site but as you know i had just learnt PHP and MYSQL, so that’s why i am not a perfect at handling problems related to PHP. As per the regular … Continue reading

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Reliance Broadband is the worst broadband I’ve ever had

My suggestion would be to never ever go for Reliance Broadband (especially for the residents of Punjab). They don’t have metro like quality here. There entire staff is competent and know nothing about basic terms like ping. The have overloaded servers in the regions with worst routing to Asian and European servers. Continue reading

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How to allow or deny ip addresses using .htaccess

The file .htaccess always comes useful whenever we need more protection for our website. Among all the capabilities of .htaccess we are here going to discuss it capability of allowing or denying IP address. I need this function because there are some directories on my server which are critical to my business and hence want to protect these from evil eyes. Continue reading

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