Please see this before converting your car to LPG

If you want to convert your car to LPG/CNG, this might help you.

Please see this before converting your car to LPG

Postby avneet » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:12 pm

Converting a car to LPG kit is definitely the only solution available in present India. Petrol prices are rising quickly and there are talks going on to increase the excise duty on diesel cars. So the only option is LPG kit


First on average a LPG kit costs you around 30K

It is always recommended to get you kit fitted from some recognized service center.

LPG cylinder used in these kits comes in different capacities ranging from 30 liters to 75 liters covering 45, 60 70 liters capacities.

Depending on your daily running you can fit any required capacity cylinder in your car. 60 liter on average is OK but if you love long drives than go for 70 liter at least. So that you don't have to refill again and again.

There is also a problem in dealing with MPFI and non MPFI engines.

to be continued :D
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