BSNL secretly updates various broadband plans for the year 2013

We all hope at the start of every year that this year will be the year in which we all will witness new high speed broadband plans and that too at affordable rates. But this is not the case with Indian broadband giant BSNL.

BSNL as you all know is popular because of its wide availability and this wide availability is primary source of revenue of this arrogant ISP. Hardly any one use their mobile services because BSNL is a complete newbie at this field. Now let us come to the point.

Instead of upgrading broadband plans in 2013, BSNL downgrades various broadband plans without any notification to consumers and end users. As per the new modification all the plans which comes with Free Call package will be affected. From now onwards Free Calls will be allowed only within the BSNL network. For call to other networks you will be charged whopping 1.2 Re per MCU.

This abrupt change in plans will definitely reduce revenue of BSNL as many consumers who are currently on Home Combo ULD 900 plans will shift their plans to some cheaper level like Home Combo ULD 625. I have already submitted the application for the plan change with my local JE.

So beware before making calls to mobiles as that will increase your monthly bill considerably.

Shame on you BSNL!