What is the benefit of purchasing a new PC at this time ?

windows 8If you are one of those customers who are waiting for the laptops to come pre loaded with Windows 8 instead of Windows 7, then you are taking a very wrong step here. For just saving meagre 14.99 $ or Rs. 699 you are losing the opportunity to own both the operating systems.

Windows 7 has already proved that it is one of the best windows operating system ever launched by Microsoft. By paying Rs. 699 you can always have the option to move to Windows 7 in case you don’t like or are not comfortable with the metro interface of Windows 8.

Windows 8 still have to pass the ultimate test of consumers. It may pass or flop, chances are 50-50. But by purchasing the new computer today you can always have the option to roll back to Windows 7.

So decide it yourself whether to purchase your new PC today or not.

Published by Rajiv for UB7

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