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What is the actual fate of ?

In today’s world three letter .com or LLL.COM type domains are considered to be very premium.They are going from mid xxxx $ to high xxxx $ is also one of the three letter .com we all know is one of the most premium domain in the market available till now. Continue reading

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Apple and Cisco, Brothers in Arms

Three years ago, Apple unveiled its revolutionary iPhone and was promptly sued by networking giant Cisco Systems, which was already using the iPhone trademark for a line of voice-over-Internet telephones. Cisco said Apple had asked about using the name, but allegedly began marketing its new gadget before any agreement was reached. Continue reading

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Young Bill Gates making plans of building the first operating system

Microsoft staffers talk MS-DOS 2.0 with the editors of PC World in late 1982 or early 1983. Windows 1.0 wouldn’t ship for almost another two years. From left: Microsoft’s Chris Larson, PC World’s Steve Cook, Bill Gates, Tandy Trower, and … Continue reading

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