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Merry Christmas to all our readers and contributors

  Merry Christmas to all our readers and contributors

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Solution to Horizontal stripes moving upwards on a LCD or LED TV

LCD or LED based televisions are definitely one of the most important milestone on the history of television. They consume much less power as compared to ageing CRTs and not only this, LCD or LED television usually supports higher resolutions in the order of 1080p which is not supported by CRTs. Continue reading

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Plain black display with mouse pointer in Windows 8 after Welcome Screen

As you all know that Microsoft has recently released the RTM version of Windows 8 to public. Windows 8 is the successor to the previous edition of Windows that is Windows 7. Windows 8 is the first operating system from Microsoft which brings the complete unification of PC, Smartphone and Tablet computers. It also brings the all new concept of Hybrid PC’s. Continue reading

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Latest Apple iPad, iPad Mini and Apple TV now available in India

As per the latest reports floating around the web world, Apple Inc. has recently revealed their latest iPad 4th Generation in India. Apple not only launched in India the latest Big iPad but also launched the much awaited and hyped iPad Mini. Continue reading

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