Airtel and Vodafone to raise fees for standard 2G data plans

airtelInstead of decreasing the fees for 2G data plans in 2013, Indian telecom major Airtel and Vodafone decided to raise the price of their standard 1 GB data plan by as much as 25%. The reason cited for this huge price increase is that company is facing less profit margin and in order to balance the situation this price increase is a necessary step.

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How to solve Generic Non-PNP Monitor problem?

generic non pnp monitorThis problem is usually face by those who are using multi monitor setup with their laptops or personal computers that is desktops. It can also be faced by those who are using single monitor setup. In this problem basically your monitor or display will not be properly identified by your computer. This means that the operating system installed in your computer will not be able to access the important characteristics like supported resolution or refresh rate of the attached display or monitor.

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Videocon reveals the all new 10 inch tablet named VT10

vt10 tabletThe war of tablets is still not over as Videocon became the latest contender joining this ever growing tablet market. In India various companies are launching tablets within the Rs. 10,000 bracket as this is the price which most of the new prospective buyer will pay for a tablet computer and for this particular big companies like Samsung and Apple has very little share in the Indian tablet market. But with the launch of Samsung P3100 tablet, Samsung managed to attract the buyer from the 10k bracket to the mid level 20k bracket. According to me it is a good deal for the prospective buyers as they will get a quality product from a much reputed company.

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