Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100, a new midrange tablet from Samsung

Samsung silently launched a brand new ICS powered tablet into the Indian market with calling facility and that too at a appropriate price of Rs. 19,999. At this price range we already have few tablets out there but this one is from a trusted brand like Samsung. Samsung is known for producing good quality and reliable gadgets. Other tablets in this range includes:

  • Blackberry Playbook 64 GB
  • Dell Streak
  • Notion INK Adam NI3 421

Other tablets are also there but they are difficult to be found in the market. These include

  • Motorola Xoom
  • Lenovo

The TAB 2 P3100 also has calling facility which is very rare to find feature in tablets of this price range. In this particular model which is priced at 20K is a 16 GB model. The 8GB model will be even lower than RS. 20K. Other specifications are listed below:

Screen / Display TFT Capacitive touch screen 1024 X 600
16M Colours with PLS panel
User Interface (UI) TouchWiz 4.0 UX Interface
Display Size 7 Inches
Display features NA
Primary Camera 3 MP
Secondary Camera 0.3 MP
Video Recording 720P Full HD at 30 FPS
OS Android ICS 4.0.4
CPU 1 GHz Dual Core
Chipset NA
GPU PowerVR SGX540
Internal Memory Multiple models based on storage that is 8/16/32 GB
Colours Silver (Titanium) 


samsung tab 2 p3100

Finally Letsbuy is no more, Flipkart complete its acquisition a very popular name in the Indian ecommerce is finally acquired by the Indian ecommerce market leader Flipkart. All the visitors visiting Letsbuy will be greeted with an open letter saying that the Letsbuy have integrated their website with Flipkart and there redirecting its user base to Here i am attaching the screenshot of the letter being displayed on the home page of

flipkart acquires letsbuy

Though the acquisition is complete but most of the categories which are present on Letsbuy only still hadn’t been listed on Flipkart. Also the prices of various gadgets which was usually lower on Letsbuy as compared to Flipkart, still hadn’t been updated on Flipkart. They are still selling those gadgets or items at their original price.

End of handy coupons

Many of you will definitely be missing those handy coupons which substantially lowers the price of different items on Letsbuy. ” Letsbuy coupon” is one of most popular keyword in Google India search engine. Letsbuy is popular for their mind blowing discounts and low price. They usually sell most of the items and gadgets at a price substantially lower than the retail price.

Flipkart on the hand have no coupon facility at all. But they do have so called “Instant Cash Back” which is also available on very limited and out-dated products. Flipkart pricing is usually similar or higher than your local retail pricing.

Asus releases Nvidia GTX 690 in India at a price tag of massive Rs. 71,000

ASUS, one of the most popular GPU manufacturer had recently launched the all new dual GPU solution from Nvidia GTX 690 at a massive price of Rs. 71,000. At that price one can build an entire desktop computer with some serious components capable of playing of playing future titles at 1080P easily. But still there is a word called Enthusiasm and here Nvidia is targeting only enthusiasts who want the best of the best. I would really like to advise these enthusiasts to wait for AMD 7990 which will be released some where near July, 2012. After that prices are sure to come down. 71K is really a insane price for a single component if you ask me.

Flipkart, India’s most popular online site is the one who had listed this Dual GPU for sale. Here is the screenshot showing you the price and a Buy Now option.

gtx 690 price in india

At approximately Rs. 33,000 one can pick a GTX 680 from Asus and GTX 690 is nothing but two GTX 680 chips on one board. You can SLI two GTX 680 at a price of around Rs. 64,000 (after bargaining) and this will give you more performance than a singly GTX 690. Though the power requirements in case of SLI is on the higher side but it will not be a major concern of you are using a good quality 80+ Gold certified Power Supply with a wattage rating of at least 800 Watt. There is one more advantages in doing SLI. In case if one of the card gets kaput than you have it’s brother for supporting you through the time required for defective card’s RMA but in case of GTX 690 if a problem occurs than you will be left with no option other than to get back to some old graphic card.

49$ PC from VIA technologies packs lot of features into a small board

After the launch the Raspberry Pi mini PC, many other companies had already started working on similar projects that is the development of Android based mini PC. One such mini PC is APC mini PC from VIA technologies. This mini will run Android as the operating system and is expected to be launched in July, 2012 at an expected price of 49$ which is approximately equal to Rs. 2,799 presently. It is powered by a 15 watt power adapter. The pre installed OS will be modified Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is optimized for a Keyboard and mouse. It also has some pre installed apps including all time favourite Angry Birds, Adobe Reader etc.

android mini pc from via technologies


Specifications for this mini PC are listed below:

  • CPU – 800 MHz ARM11 core
  • GPU- Inbuilt GPU capable of 720P display
  • RAM- 512 MB DDR3
  • Inbuilt Storage- 2 GB NAND Flash
  • HDMI Port – Available
  • USB Ports- Available 4 Ports
  • VGA Port – Available
  • Ethernet Port – Available
  • Audio I/O – Available
  • Micro SD Card Slot – Available
  • Idle Power Consumption – 4 Watt
  • Load Power Consumption – 13 Watt
  • Size – (17 X 8.5) CM

The major negative point of this device is that it is not capable for 1080P movies or display where as Raspberry Pi is capable for full HD resolution also.

POP3 email services in India

As far as POP3 service is concerned, many email providers provide it as a premium service or provide POP3 accounts with very little space and other limitations. POP stands for Post Office Protocol and it enables the access to your email account through a POP3 client like Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail. There many email providers which email service in India, this includes:

  • Yahoo Mail — Yahoo India does not provide POP3 access in their free Email account. If you want POP3 access than you have to Yahoo Mail Plus for a fixed monthly or annual fees.
  • Hotmail — Hotmail or Live mail service is provided by Microsoft  and it also does not provide POP3 access with a general (Free) account
  • Rediff — This email provider is popular among Indians. It also provides POP3 access for a fixed monthly fees
  • IN.COM — They don’t have POP3 facility at all.
  • — They also don’t have POP3 access
  • Gmail — Email service from Google that is Gmail provides free and complete access to your Email account via POP and also it does not cut any features for a free account and provides ample space of 10 GB for your Inbox. This is definitely the best Email provider out there.