Upcoming PS3 games that you should buy

Assassins Creed 3


The upcoming sequel to the extremely popular 1st and 2nd Assassins Creed. It will be based on American Revolution.

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Sleeping Dogs

sleeping dogs

Based on a criminal organization operating from Hong Kong.

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Borderlands 2

borderlands 2

The next sequel to much poplar Borderlands game.

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Far Cry 3

far cry 3

Do i need to explanation for previous games from this series. I don’t think so. Far Cry is now back in the green.

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Darksiders 2

darksiders 2

Based on the four riders who are on mission to reinstate the lost glory of the man kind.

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This is most expensive of the all listed above. Based on the story of the infamous assassin who once was the bodyguard of an empress.

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Dell to launch laptops with Ubuntu OS pre installed

Dell has recently launched Ubuntu OS based laptops in India. This announcement came after the launch of the new tablet by Microsoft in Los Angeles, USA. Ubuntu OS is a open source Linux based operating system project which gets funding from Canonical Limited of England.

As per the announcement Dell agree to pre load their laptops with the Ubuntu OS from Canonical. All the Dell laptops from 14R and 15R series will get this OS instead of Windows. Canonical CEO Jane Silber stresses on the fact that small corporations and business houses can seriously cut their expenses by using free Ubuntu OS instead of the paid license of Windows OS.

One of the main point here is the significant reduction in the price of the Laptops. After using Ubuntu as the primary Dell can significantly reduce the prices of their Laptops and thus resulting more sales.

Why using unknown OS?

First Ubuntu may be an unknown OS for a simple user but it is definitely the most used Linux distribution out there. As Ubuntu is based on Linux, it will have host of benefits that are available with Linux only. One of the main advantage is that Ubuntu has large pool of talented developers and coders who voluntarily improve the OS as the time passes. As Ubuntu is based on Linux core it is less likely to be infected with virus.

Can i install Windows OS and Ubuntu OS on one computer?

Ubuntu is quite flexible when it comes to multiple booting. One can multi boot Ubuntu with other OS such as Windows and other Linux distribution. It can also run in a virtual environment means you don’t have to change the format of your hard disk partitions. It is definitely the most cool OS out there when it comes to multiple booting.

Microsoft Surface, the all new tablet from Microsoft

At an event in Los Angeles on Monday, Microsoft reveals the much rumoured and speculated Microsoft Tablet running Windows 8. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said this tablet will also have the same productivity and entertainment as any PC out there.Microsoft Surface comes with a two accessories namely a keyboard and a kickstand.

According to Microsoft there will be two versions of Microsoft Surface that will actually be released in the market. These two versions are listed below:

Windows RT based:

First version of Microsoft Surface comes with Windows RT OS which is designed for tablet PCs only. It will be powered by an ARM based processor which is based on ARM architecture. This will actually be released towards the end of 2012. It is expected to be 9.3mm thick with an expected weight below 0.6 kg and has a display size of 10.6 inch. It will priced around Rs. 25,000 onwards in India depending on the memory capacities which is expected to be 32 and 64 GB.

Windows 8 based:

The second version which will be launched earlier than the Windows RT based version is 1.4 cm thick with an expected weight of 0.8 kg. It will be priced similar to present day ultrabooks and will run on a Windows 8 Pro edition OS. The metro design of Windows 8 will be used in this tablet. Metro design as according to some experts is targeted mainly at mobile computing. This version will also have a stylus to take handwritten notes.

It will powered by an Intel Core i5 ivy bridge CPU and other laptop based components. It will be available in two memory capacities that is 64 GB and 128 GB.

It is expected to be launched somewhere near the Windows 8 launch date. Microsoft initially will sell this tablet through its exclusive retail and online stores only so as to calm down other PC makers.


Keyboard and Kickstand are the two accessories that will be available with both the versions. Both these tablets contain a full USB port for attaching pen drive which is most common feature every potential tablet customer is asking for.

Microsoft’s entry into the hardware is not always a successful one. Apart from the success of XBOX, Microsoft’s other attempt at the hardware market in the form of Zune (Music Player ) and Kin ( Phone ) is disastrous ones. Entering into the overly saturated tablet market is definitely a good move from Microsoft as this will offer a change to end users and at the same time breaks the monopoly of Apple iPad.

Domain surface.com is now with Microsoft:

The domain surface.com is now under the ownership of Microsoft and features photos and videos of the upcoming Microsoft tablet.

Gallery of Windows Surface Tablet


microsoft surface tablet



microsoft surface tablet 1



microsoft surface tablet 2



microsoft surface tablet 3



microsoft surface tablet 4

How to change the width of the Command Prompt?

Changing the width of the command prompt window can sometimes become a challenging task as there is no menu bar or simple shortcut to change the width. Here are the steps to change the width of the command prompt window:

1.  First click the right mouse button on the title bar where the name “Command Prompt” is written.

2.  After right click a menu will appear. Click on the “Properties” option at the end of the menu.

3.  After clicking properties option a windows will appear with 4 different tabs.

4.  Click on the “Layout” tab on the top of this window.

5.  In layout tab you can change the screen size by changing the numerical value of option “Window      Size”. It contains two option namely “Width” and “Height” which you can change correspondingly to your desire

Face.com is now with Facebook Inc.

Facebook has officially acquired the facial recognition software maker Face.com. it was previously a rumour that Facebook will acquire Face.com but now it is official after the blog post by Face.com on their official blog.

Facebook will continue to support the developer community of Face.com. Face.com also expressed that their acquisition by Facebook will result in more productive applications. The exact amount involved in the deal is still unknown but it is expected between 80 to 100 million dollar.

Facebook has recently acquired some of the businesses in order to expand their own network. This includes acquisition of Instagram for 1 billion $ and acquisition of two small companies Glancee and Karma for undisclosed amounts and now Face.com.

Face.com is know for giving API access to other developers to their Face recognition software.