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AMD looking to make a comeback in CPU market with the launch of Ryzen

You can definitely think this moment as the same one which we have all felt when the AMD have announced their Bulldozer series of processors. We were all thinking that AMD Bulldozer series CPU will simply destroy Intel’s mightiest i7 … Continue reading

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Qualcomm working on a 48 Core Server processor using 10 nm fabrication

Wait server processor? From Qualcomm? Yes sir it is true. Now we have an all new competitor to the Intel’s dominance in the server processor market. The new Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor will support up to 48 cores and will … Continue reading

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Government Of India in its latest move start charging massive 15 % service tax on all digital transactions

In its latest move Government Of India has now start charge 15 % service tax on all the digital transactions which are taking place between the buyer from taxable territory(India) and the seller who is located in a non taxable … Continue reading

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ARK Survival Evolved: A game with lot of potential but currently ruined by the so called alpha tribes

ARK Survival Evolved is one of the best survival game out there and there is no doubt in accepting that fact. Good AI, decent graphics, lot of dinos, lot of building structure options and much more. But all these good … Continue reading

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We are back!

Hi all of you. It is always good to be back approx. after 2 years. Don’t think we are going anywhere. We were always here, just got little busy on some other things. We are now back to bring you … Continue reading

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