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The most expensive smartphone in the world iPhone X is also the world’s best selling

Apple iPhone X is popularly know as the worlds most expensive smartphone. But this fact didn’t stopped people from buying it the most in the Quarter 1 of 2018. As per the analytical analysis from Strategy Analytics Apple shipped 16 … Continue reading

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Tainted registrar Network Solutions adds one more negative point to its store

Everyone who is into the world of domain names and web space knows that never ever go for Network Solution for registering domain names. The reason is pretty much clear here the company can’t simply manage their clients. Every now … Continue reading

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GPU Price check Friday

GPU prices are at all time high. Why? Well because of mining. Not the mining of Gold or any other precious minerals. It is because of the mining of virtual cyptocurrency such as bitcoin. GPU Model MD Computers Prime ABGB … Continue reading

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Microsoft to release next windows 10 update on 30th April, 2018

Microsoft is now completely focused on stabilizing their flagship operating system Windows 10. Because of this fact they are releasing a big patch for Windows 10 on 30th April. As announced earlier by Microsoft there will be 2 major release … Continue reading

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Nvidia’s latest GPU driver 397.31 marks the end for Fermi architecture graphic cards

All of you who have Nvidia graphic cards must have got the pop up in you right bottom of your PC’s indicating the release of latest GPU drivers. Nvidia and AMD both are now focusing on the release of their … Continue reading

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